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  • ver 1.4 Based on your requests we have implemented the search on Google, viewing and WebCam WiFi hotspot! "Maps Pro" is not a simple map, but a lot more than you can see the map of Bing maps of the various Open Street Map, and Google, view live traffic information, do research on everything around you. Since this version, you can also view the photos posted on Flickr and Panoramio!!! You can search for pubs, restaurants and everything that comes to mind map, save as a favorite and calculate the path to achieve them, see their phone number and any call or view their website! You can also save your current location, and take the path to come back! Noon will be a problem finding where you parked the car. In the main screen can also display the address where you are, your speed and a compass. Need more? You do not have to do is ask [email protected] and implement it in future releases, it's a promise!
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  • 2011-02-18 07:15
  • 2012-04-25 14:16
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2012-04-16 02:21 anaili80
2012-04-04 06:11 SuzyKil
Screen clutter with free web sites
2012-04-01 22:18 Player756871271
2011-03-10 17:55 smASH7311
Pretty cool app. Worth the buck
2011-04-03 02:28 kdawggydawg69
Great app directions does not work on my phone
2011-04-03 06:44 autolink1983
If you are facing issues in search, go to view and change open street map to ping. It is a good app. It is what i need to reach my destinations.
2011-04-22 06:28 Lebanese Cedars
Serious flaw is that the directions button does not work. That is what i use my maps for 95% of the time
2011-04-25 04:16 thejackstahls
2011-05-17 21:31 exxscher LIVE
To slow
2011-06-02 09:19 poka0000
2011-10-13 05:19 luoweiLv
Does not stay on my position, does not orientate itself north
2011-12-09 16:23 ramit1969
Wow this sucks!!!!!!! Worst $1 I've ever wasted!!!!!
2012-02-23 06:43 Player708504286
2012-02-10 00:16 Jugador62603272
2012-01-24 07:48 mezaanimal1966
This is awful on a windows phone. Difficult to search anyplace or get directions. People use buses and metros to get around in cities more than cars so wise up
2012-01-19 04:53 Player326191888
Way too much going on on screen. Doesn't do anything its supposed to.
2011-12-29 21:48 javimartinez24
Navigation is not ideal for hands free driving.
2012-01-08 15:57 Coach David
Does not stay on my position, does not orientate itself north
2011-12-09 16:23 Indy Sniper
2011-10-12 12:52 Josemiguel31971
2011-10-13 05:19 Player920245422
2011-10-10 10:44 NgaoNgo
Its alright
2011-10-02 02:20 Player054621628
More development needed, but solid app
2011-09-17 16:33 AlienNixie
kon tum
2011-09-19 01:53 Love in heart
"Can't get this info right now. Please try again later." and "There is a problem completing your request. Try again later. Error code: c101b00b. message won't let me update. Why are these messages showing up on everybody's computers and phones while buying or purchasing apps? All Hackers Beware: You are being traced and tracked 24/7. Sorry, you really aren't getting away with anything anyway.
2011-09-08 15:58 mezaanimal1966
All it does is tell u your current location. Nothing else works.
2011-09-05 21:19 Player960160852
2011-08-30 08:28 Player818211051
No sirve no es facil
2011-08-30 11:32 Jugador80439252
2011-08-30 18:53 lzm1981
It's good at locating me on a map using built in GPS. But it seems to do nothing else useful. It claims to have the ability to search for an address, but, nothing happens when I ask it to do that. Since that's 99% of what I need a map app for I rate this a zero.
2011-08-25 23:09 Player286873783
Stupid app
2011-08-21 08:28 klabbecle
Directions option doesn't work. Waste of time
2011-08-21 15:39 kalikitty
It's just ok, but not worth to waste money on this.
2011-08-17 16:43 zhaifan
Great app, value for money. It even found me as well as nearest poi's in the hills of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia!!
2011-07-30 07:54 Willem Campagne
Honduras a mexico
2011-07-28 05:09 zingyG3rard0
2011-07-21 11:54 bage1831
Worth the money
2011-07-22 20:09 TH4TCH1CK
2011-07-16 15:47 FutureHtchd7
2011-07-18 07:24 mezaanimal1966
It is very slow and bad map. Direction key does not work. Don't use it at all
2011-05-05 07:02 Player723685899
Besyar rah shenase khobiye
2011-05-10 19:47 Player530010323
Searching is horrible interface
2011-05-13 13:19 jhines97
Gives me access to traffic via Google maps so I love it for that. Does what it needs to do.
2011-05-13 18:09 HoosUDaddy
2011-05-13 23:52 aubster74
2011-05-17 21:31 Jugador02274237
There is no option to disable the little picture marker... And everywhere I look there are 10000 markers so I literally don't see a map
2011-05-18 22:52 wtfwirr
Nice app to have must have
2011-05-19 06:27 khriz66
Not even close
2011-05-20 15:56 Player576564329
Muy excelente tu muy bien
2011-05-23 05:42 kobon1n
2011-05-26 23:24 Player942978712
Directions does not work.
2011-06-01 09:40 VolcanicToby
To slow
2011-06-02 09:19 Tom231
2011-06-21 00:29 Player177383220
Works get no problems. But this app respond to slow with GPS activated. Please update this app and I will give it five stars.
2011-06-22 19:25 CheekierYew2
2011-06-30 03:01 Jakey BONE HEAD
Good brings maps to life
2011-07-02 22:57 GBParkinson
Very fast and accurate !!
2011-07-03 01:34 Player617037223
2011-07-09 01:57 MetalBloodDrunk
2011-05-03 00:16 Player955994150
2011-04-28 16:53 Player974252057
How do you get the directions to work...the button remind me of "whack the mole"...are points awarded if you can hit the direction button so many times...does it do anything???
2011-04-24 19:33 Quimzer
Serious flaw is that the directions button does not work. That is what i use my maps for 95% of the time
2011-04-25 04:16 Player141664819
2011-04-22 03:36 mezaanimal1966
If you are facing issues in search, go to view and change open street map to ping. It is a good app. It is what i need to reach my destinations.
2011-04-22 06:28 Player769369373
2011-04-23 02:36 DredzFocus
As bad as bing... Which means REALLY bad.
2011-04-15 16:21 fizycist
Bad bad stuff.
2011-04-17 12:14 Player481733682
2011-04-13 02:17 El Buen Pablo
2011-04-13 11:35 Player310313383
2011-04-14 01:34 Vaghinak
Directions button does nothing on my samsung focus. The search feature was not able to find the address i put in.
2011-04-09 18:01 Grim944
2011-04-11 07:25 mezaanimal1966
Not bad. Has all the things missing from bing maps for sure. The only thin a little flaky is the search function as when I search it pulls stuff from all over the world. Which I suspect is why it zooms out once I do a search. A little polish and I'll definitely use it all the time. And please change the icon :-)
2011-04-11 15:30 kwill0825
2011-04-08 20:20 Flash27
Needs text to speech when u are in directions mode
2011-04-09 00:18 Willad2006
Cool app, only need the option for save maps, or a big cache
2011-04-03 17:25 young Asimov
Better than Bing maps. Still needs some work though. I see great potential.
2011-04-04 16:46 Signo371
Its fun while navigating...
2011-04-05 08:10 SAMURAI Thehero
Directions button doesn't work! I press it and nothing happens. Please fix!
2011-04-02 17:43 guasaman
It stinks doesn't give directions
2011-04-02 23:36 Player784261165
Pretty cool app. Worth the buck
2011-04-03 02:28 Player517912857
Great app directions does not work on my phone
2011-04-03 06:44 Player665004968
2011-03-31 15:50 zedstation64
2011-03-27 23:56 firecop42
2011-03-29 09:39 kennytwhsinchu
Best map, navigation & guidance app for Win 7 phone I've found. Which is saying something because the selection of these apps is terrible.
2011-03-24 13:53 UMRK
2011-03-25 07:03 Player107085367
Sooo much better than Bing Maps. I'm really glad tht I found this cause I sure did miss Google Maps.
2011-03-25 09:43 timcooke86
Nice interface and easy to use, however when I search it expands out to the entire US and beyond. Also my speed shows double compared to my actual speed.
2011-03-25 14:43 TheBiffTannen
2011-03-23 03:46 DanteWang1217
2011-03-19 13:48 Denny rock
Best map app on W7. Let Copilot sit on its butt. This is just as good!
2011-03-20 08:04 IronManDS
Slow. Directions does not work. Icon has been stolen from iPhone.
2011-03-20 16:39 Erhard007
Didn't work at all
2011-03-21 17:57 NEKKO1985
Excellent app. Very well done. My default map app.
2011-03-17 19:04 Tank Sheppard
So much better than Bing Maps when outside the US
2011-03-15 02:20 crg1970
People are getting paid to say its better than original.
2011-03-15 19:53 SerzhsPlayer
Not worth it, doesn't work very well
2011-03-16 05:08 Player927136144
2011-03-16 17:54 mezaanimal1966
Maps Pro - Average rating : 6 - Max : 10 - Based on 92 ratings and 92 reviews.