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CFI Tools Weight & Balance

--------------------------------- CFI Tools Weight and Balance --------------------------------- PURPOSE: The Weight & Balance App is used to save weight & balance information in a simple format for easy reference. When you fly many airplanes... more

By Edgemont Systems



Vrrooom, Vrrooom, Vrroooom. See what speed you are travelling at in your car. Accurate to 1KPH. Shows speed in MPH or KPH, landscape or portrait more

By chukapps



Autovelox fornisce assistenza alla guida segnalando con avvisi vocali e visivi le postazioni di controllo nel territorio italiano. Punti di interesse segnalati: - Autovelox Fissi - Autovelox Mobili (Punti in cui è frequente trovare pattuglie di... more

By EporediaSoft



A simple, community-driven, app which helps users find and rate nearby toilets. more

By Beckersoft Inc.



Never miss a BART train again with BART Live! Get live train departures per station, as well as elegant trip planning across the entire BART rail system. -LIVE train departures per station -Trip planning -Fare price (one way) -System... more

By Justin Pitta


CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator

------------------------------------ CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator ------------------------------------ PURPOSE: The Crosswind app is used to calculate the crosswind and headwind components of the wind relative to a given runway heading. It's... more

By Edgemont Systems



Compass helps guide you to home, to your car, a trail head or base camp. Compass uses GPS to triangle the direction you are moving. You can add waypoint arrows that point you to where you want to go. Compass gives readings for latitude,... more

By O'Callaghan


Outdoor Trekker

Mango Version Thousands worldwide in over 30 countries are using what is probably the most advanced win phone gps track & fitness recorder around! Tested around the globe, across china & back! PRO VOICE: HEAR stats & media. Built in voice... more

By 373KSoftware


FreeWhere's Timmy?

It’s a Canadian staple, finding the freshly brewed Tims’ Coffee. Yes there is probably one on every corner but how about when you are taking your kids to the 6am hockey game in a new city? Or you are traveling on business to unfamiliar area?... more

By RedBit Development


FreeBart and Muni

Take the Bart to the ballgame! Use the first Bart application on Windows Phone 7 to plan your route, whether commuting every day, visiting the city or going to the game. Get all the real-time schedules of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapit Transit... more

By Bottomless