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Traffic Hub

Traffic Hub is a must-have traffic assistant that delivers detailed updates on the state of traffic on your route. Be it construction or an accident in any US location, Traffic Hub uses GPS-based data to inform you about every traffic event. With... more

By Decapod Studios


FreeSeattle Traffic

Seattle Traffic is the quickest way to view Seattle-area traffic on your Windows Phone! It is designed to be fast, simple, and easy-to-use. (Even while driving, but don't do that!) Seattle Traffic shows the main Washington State Department of... more

By Jensen Harris


Dude... Where'd I park?

"Dude... Where'd I park?" is a parking assitant app. It allows you to save the location of where you parked your car. It provides a real-time map view of where you are in relationship to your car. It also provides a handy compass pointing you... more

By Voytec


CTA Watch

Get instant arrivals for all CTA Buses and Trains! Formerly known as Bus Watch Chicago, CTA Watch is packing a new name and tons more features! NOW WITH FULL CTA "L" TRAIN SUPPORT! Add train stations to your favorites and get the next arrival... more

By Matt Hidinger


FreePublic Transit

Public Transit for Windows Phone helps you find your way around using public transit facilities. No need to enter your current address, just use "My Location" and let GPS + Google Transit get you to your endpoint. If you prefer not to use your... more

By WPDev


FreeMetro Paris

Simple et efficace, le plan de métro de Paris toujours dans votre poche grâce à cette application more

By pAppaSoft


Where is my car

With this app, you'll never forget where you parked your car again. You can save all your parking info to find back your car easily: Picture, GPS position on a map, Voice, Description. (You can even add the parking meter time to avoid getting... more

By StevenM



Want to know your speed, direction, altitude, geographic coordinates, complete with a HUD view? SpeedApp shows your speed in your choice of KPH, MPH, and Knots. It also provides a bearing compass for the direction you are heading. Even more, it... more

By MyersMobile



If you're always on the road, on a business trip or just around the block, then this application can help you find the nearest anything that is around you ! You have a multitude of options to search exactly what sparks your interest, or needs,... more

By ScriptRush



-Bug fix: the broken OSM maps are now fixed Please Note: This version of the Geocaching for WP7 application will no longer be updated. It will cease to function on March 31, 2013. A new Windows Phone 7 application called Geocaching Live... more

By Groundspeak Inc.