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  • Stars 3D is a powerful tool for anyone who loves astronomy or simply enjoys the magic of the night sky. It can be the perfect guide and navigator to the wonders of the night sky. You can start by observing a three dimensional map of all the stars within 16 light years radius around the sun and then switch to Earth view to visualize how this 3D map projects into the night sky that we see from our planet. The program offers a great level of flexibility to adjust to your preferences. You can show or hide the constellation lines, the stars and planets visible only with telescope, to show or hide the sky meridians. The program will remember your choice and next time will start with your preferred view. Stars 3D supports landscape and portrait view modes, night mode and search. Lift the phone above your head and point to any part of the sky. The program will show you exactly what sky objects are in front of you. This feature only works if you have your location access enabled. You can enable location access from the help menu. But Stars 3D is not just a visualization tool. Each object has a link to Wikipedia article and multiple related Astronomy Cast episodes. Each constellations has a link to the legend behind it's name. This way you can explore the celestial objects in much greater depth. When you navigate back to the program using the phone Back button, the app will remember your last screen so you can continue your exploration from where you have left it. Site:
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  • 2011-02-25 02:31
  • 2012-04-20 04:47
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2012-04-08 21:24 OutOfScope
2011-05-12 02:28 FLAMEK9
I love it, It shows planets to buy as said already a search engine would be nice
2011-09-13 05:29 TheNaughtyLion
2011-09-17 05:14 swrfive0
Plz. Update and fix bugs .i never see correct views.our money hadn't problem!!
2012-02-09 05:18 TenKing artur
App is a p.o.s. Doesn't accurately display the sky (I look south and it displays north even after "calibrating") and doesn't provide any interesting or useful information. Stay clear and save your money!
2012-01-24 04:56 Bitesizedragons
I prefer the Skymap free... More features in the trial version
2011-11-28 00:41 diegogaona
Ok start! The app. "Sky Map" is a million times better!! Uninstalling!!! :-S Samsung Focus WP 7.5. ;-)
2011-11-23 23:04 DanK102
Absolutely amazing. Well worth the 2 dollars. Great little details such as the red nighttime viewer make this app really wonderful.
2011-10-30 11:07 Xvise66
A little buggy. Good customer support. Maybe twice as expensive as it should be. Does not work on Samsung Focus. I will delete this app.
2011-10-24 19:43 focused2011
app exits
2011-10-25 12:27 virajith10
It's simply amazing
2011-10-25 21:33 KaziNadudvari
A little buggy. Good customer support. Maybe twice as expensive as it should be.
2011-10-22 03:40 focused2011
Great and feature rich, super job using all of the 7.5 functionality...
2011-10-18 02:40 xxenoxx
2011-10-14 13:11 Taiwan7007
Great and feature rich, super job using all of the 7.5 functionality...
2011-10-15 01:45 xxenoxx
把手機舉高便會啟動指南針功能! 非常用心的好軟體,希望也能支持繁體中文顯示
2011-10-12 15:12 Jojo Lee 0821
Tried to update it recently and tried to start app but didn't open and went back to start. It worked perfectly before but now nothin' tried to install again but same thing happened. It still is a good app. I wish I got to use the compass thing where you point the phone to the sky thing.
2011-10-13 00:53 RodawgP
I agree with Rodawg. This app stopped opening and now goes back to wherever you try to open it from. This may be one of those uninstall/reinstall issues. I'll update after trying that. This started after the latest update with mango running on a Samsung Focus v1.4. Update: just un/reinstalled. Same problem occurring.
2011-10-13 04:56 Player853774839
I had this app since I first bought my phone and I must say that the update made this app even better with the new compass feature. Guarantee worth the $1.99 now. HTC trophy.
2011-10-13 09:23 HawaiianLord808
2011-10-13 15:36 Player817539738
2011-09-17 05:14 Player810350297
I love it, It shows planets to buy as said already a search engine would be nice
2011-09-13 05:29 f15eagleeye
If only it had the search bar
2011-08-19 14:05 xMonikax1
Need more functions in Free trial
2011-08-03 12:13 MJKHonline
I like this app. Very accurate map. I don't expect much so I'm easy to please. Nd Pluto is officially not a planet anymore but we all still believe it is
2011-07-27 22:34 HawaiianLord808
2011-05-12 02:28 Player915078764
2011-05-18 05:36 Player988569797
Seems great so far, would be nice to have other modes though, like a model of the solar system without orbits. Granted I'm using the trial at the moment so... Yeah. Great app though.
2011-05-20 05:44 RetroCorn
2011-05-27 08:13 Silent Majority
Great, just wish it had a search engine. Not a complaint, just a suggestion.
2011-06-17 17:46 M4X SCHRECK
I can't find Pluto the planet. This app sucks
2011-07-02 19:50 Icelandair
2011-07-05 13:58 Mighty Thor
2011-07-06 15:29 xMonikax1
2011-04-29 20:00 Player552412295
2011-04-15 23:07 Player287747352
2011-04-03 22:57 effindisk
Very cool app. I have tried all 3 "sky maps" that wp7 has to offer, and this one definitely takes the prize for graphics. Everything flows very nicely on my focus. Can't wait for continued updates. Hope to see that the planets in our solar system become pictures instead of colored dots for easy identification. Also maybe a brief summary about planets and constellations when clicking info button instead of having to leave the map to view websites. Website links should be secondary option for more info. Other than that, great job and can't wait for MS to release the compass API.
2011-03-17 09:37 douggibson1
Best of its kind. Allows you to turn off background stars while stargazing. It would've been perfect if it displayed star distances and labeled the celestial sphere"s longitude and latitude.
2011-03-13 21:25 Seven20Seven
2011-03-13 23:18 BobHyZ
2011-03-11 05:50 spos5
Beautiful! If it had that same thing as Google sky map where you see the areas you point at it would be even better but it is a heck of allot better already
2011-03-02 07:28 EdgarSteaven
2011-02-26 05:02 Beach Trash
Great potential ... But to little functionality in trial to evaluate if ii wish to buy.. Furthermore zoom in worjs well but zoom out doesn't (pinch gestures).. A compass, accelerator and a gps feature is a must.. In demo..
2011-02-27 10:57 Mortius2wp7
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