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  • Feed Reader Take control of all your news feeds with Feed Reader, the most full featured customizable RSS News Reader for Windows Phone. Have a request for new features? Just send me an email through the app, several releases planned each month. Top Features: • Support for Google Reader or direct RSS feeds • Have your news audibly read to you in one of 17 languages, great when in your car or doing work • Integrated Full Twitter client to do everything you can do with the latest Twitter clients • Built in Podcast apps, to subscribe and play to audio/video Podcasts • Built in "Read it Later" Client to read and manage all your bookmarked URLs Google Reader Features: • Full offline support, sync your news while online then read while disconnected from the net • Built for Mango! Fast app switching, live tile pinning and background tasks to keep live tile updated with unread counts • Full ad supported trial version • YouTube video support • Search support, search through all your read and unread feed items • Full feed management (search/subscribe/unsubscribe/rename/move) • Pick from two detail views customizable per feed • Social Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Read it Later and Instapaper • Star/Email/SMS/Mark Unread or open in browser any feed item • Extensive customizable settings including adjustable font sizes, detail length & sync settings • Feeds/folders can be quickly marked as read • Google/Instapaper Mobilizer • HTTPS support Watching your feedback and making improvements each week! Release 3.23 • Added a setting to turn off accent colored tiles and you get a grey background one • Fixed issue if you went into a folder and clicked “all” it then set your folder on the main page to one of the feed fav icons
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Fantastic RSS reader with goodies. direct feeds doesn't display categories properly for me with white background.
2011-12-14 17:11 gharleyjr
Great reader.
2011-12-14 22:57 elendilking
Perfect app for people like me who use Google Reader.
2011-12-15 01:03 LouisvilleSteve
Very well done RSS reader. I only wish the article images looked nicer.
2011-12-15 05:49 ChasingApple
2011-12-18 07:24 Jack Chu Hup
Really a good reader. Nice features. Edit: keeps crashing while using it on my Radar.
2011-12-18 18:30 kallanreed
2011-12-20 03:17 robopenguin
Good performance loading & syncing. Very simple gestures for moving between articles. Super customizable. Love this app...
2011-12-21 09:13 AvedisZ
2011-12-21 15:48 Chanel2323
This is the best mobile feed reader I have ever used, it is excellent
2011-12-22 19:57 Andermoney
2011-12-23 21:22 gmfeld
No complaints from me, I enjoy the built in read it later button. Great app!
2011-12-24 05:16 kashlatto
Great app...does everything I need it to do...use it daily
2011-12-26 04:05 Guinnessdawg
A great way to stay informed and plow through volumes of information.
2011-12-28 16:10 Steve Blazevich
Have enjoyed thus far. Highly recommend over other Readers.
2011-12-28 21:26 Pico y Palabra
Excellent app, quick support turnaround, integration with readitlater (both client and send to support),and most importantly a good text to speech feature that I use heavily while driving. Keep up the good work :-)
2011-12-29 19:21 ForecastCar55
Fast and easy to use. Lots of options as well.
2011-12-31 03:26 EzyRhino
Best RSS reader app for Windows Phone. It can display my google reader feeds, which is a big deal to me.
2012-01-02 14:13 indmusic
One of the top readers for WP7. You can't go wrong with FR. Great having such strong apps for reader on wp7.
2012-01-02 19:13 sabowtage13
Clean interface. Slow.
2012-01-03 15:49 Player460083033
Update: Love the sync for offline reading capability! This app has it all
2012-01-04 15:13 ken1ceo
Pretty nice app
2012-01-05 05:18 sae3111
Love it, just wish I could delete feeds though.
2012-01-05 22:23 dreamcaster
ugh, the tile doesn't match my theme after the last update
2012-01-06 00:37 enTRAP AG
2012-01-06 07:30 MicSvaTho
Update: Love the sync for offline reading capability! This app has it all. Developer is VERY responsive!
2012-01-07 14:02 ken1ceo
2012-01-07 16:10 duanh
Great app
2012-01-08 14:41 dlwelch
I love this RSS feed app. I have tried them all and this has best features and performance. I was previously a Wonder Reader. The dev is constantly fixing bugs and added features. You really get alot for only $3.
2012-01-09 06:46 BOTCrusher
2012-01-12 11:53 bilyjo312
Clean interface. Slow.
2012-01-15 17:14 Player460083033
Best RSS reader app for Windows Phone. It can display my google reader feeds, which is a big deal to me.
2012-01-15 19:17 indmusic
Works great, simple and straight forward.
2011-12-08 22:41 ArchonPrime VA
2011-12-05 19:02 Judex Omnium
Very solid, full featured, and makes good use of UI. Strongly recommended.
2011-12-07 17:11 AlanMcBee
I thought that I'd never find a feed app as good as Reeder on the iPhone. Wrong. This app is the best feed app for a phone on any platform.
2011-12-09 17:00 Player134109198
2011-12-11 01:43 Odo
Perfect app for people like me who use Google Reader.
2011-12-11 14:47 LouisvilleSteve
2011-12-11 16:12 chaseli917
Love the simple interface. Metro design feels like it's part of the OS. Supper quick to grab feeds and lots of options for viewing tags, direct feeds etc. Easy to use sharing and integrated viewing of videos and full articles makes Feed Reader an amazing choice and a multiple times a day staple.
2011-12-11 16:22 soundguise
2011-12-01 14:19 robopenguin
Feed Reader is, hands down, the best RSS reader for WP7. I absolutely love it. The app perfectly complements Google Reader on the web and FeedDemon on the PC. This is a must-have app for any Windows Phone!
2011-12-03 08:13 Master Devwi
I am finding a few quirks, but this is far beyond the competition. One dollar for a RSS reader, twitter client, and Read It Later client is a steal.
2011-12-03 21:59 HaVoCStrikes
2011-11-26 23:13 Fuzzysmith
Excellent app, this is my primary RSS reader and I have no complaints!
2011-11-27 20:12 RilanduneHR
2011-11-17 19:03 fwiffe
Good app!!
2011-11-22 07:11 DonAntero360
2011-11-12 17:39 MicSvaTho
This is the best RSS reader I've found for WP7 because it allows me to conveniently (automatically upon startup or with one button) sync all of my RSS subscriptions such that I can read them all later when I may not have network access, such as on some modes of public transportation. It also has many nice configurable features, including the ability to listen to text RSS headlines and summaries...great when driving or biking. Finally, the author is very responsive to questions or problems. The podcast capability is as good as any I've found, but it (and all the others) leave a lot to be desired, mainly the ability to sync a whole playlist with one button.
2011-11-13 16:14 Player052687316
2011-11-13 23:19 Gr33nG33k
I've downloaded every google reader app available for wp7. this one is BY FAR the best. enough said.
2011-11-17 00:38 tilababy
2011-11-17 03:43 windoot
I use this for all of my audio podcasts and it is by far the best in the market. Awesome app! Great work developer!
2011-11-06 04:43 wpHunter
Great google reader app. Syncs perfectly.
2011-11-07 18:04 Get0nMahLevel
Best google reader in the marketplace. Twitter, podcast & read it later integration make it unbeatable.
2011-11-07 22:41 ROK733
Just a very good app for reading feeds
2011-11-09 10:50 bstyan
Really great app
2011-11-09 19:25 zunti
Best feed reader on WP7
2011-11-09 21:21 TedDink
If it looked nicer I'd give it 5
2011-11-02 20:43 OnlywaytoMo
Nice to have almost everything in one place. Lots of ways to make this work for the way you like to see the feeds. Also lets me know about pod casts. Twitter just shows last 25 feeds. Retweet might not always work.
2011-10-25 03:17 Jeneiol
Jeneiol - there is a "Twitter" pivot in settings where you can select from 25-200 tweets to be downloaded when you sync. Also when you reach the end of the downloaded sync just hit "more" to get the next set.
2011-10-25 13:02 sjarawan
2011-10-27 04:36 NgaoNgo
3星表现,另外1星给 google reader 的 tag 功能。这是我知道的第一个他妈支持 tag 的客户端。
2011-10-27 08:16 Player245405077
Great streamlined program for staying plugged in.
2011-10-21 20:12 FlingPuu
2011-10-22 02:23 Player610017201
Fantastic reader, awesome live tile.
2011-10-19 03:54 shortbuswillie
I've been using this everyday for months and I love it! I read about 10 feeds all in one place, works great.
2011-10-16 04:20 JustinDuke
A great RSS reader. One of my Must Have apps.
2011-10-17 19:54 jayhamlin
Absolutely the best RSS reader in the marketplace if you want to stay up to date on all your feeds.
2011-10-11 06:06 bradtho
Great reader that is updated frequently.
2011-10-12 16:32 m0nj0
Works great, developer is really responsive.
2011-10-09 22:09 Kyle Farnung
Very nice.
2011-10-10 22:51 Prof Fiasco
2011-10-11 02:21 Saidinarts
Best app purchase I've made so far.
2011-10-07 23:12 wes566
Usable and efficient. Everything I need.
2011-10-08 07:52 ShaidarElam
Really good reader!
2011-10-08 12:55 SOWASABI
I've been using this app since last November and it's amazing, always updated with great useful features, and the best RSS reader on the Windows Phone or iPhone. The latest Mango version has fixed every single minor quibble I had and is a pleasure to use through and through.
2011-10-08 14:30 altano
full featured Google reader app
2011-10-05 03:36 Player048092946
2011-10-06 02:58 Daoyu06
Like this app. Please fix bug when pinning some feed and when click to open the app the list is not updated.
2011-10-01 20:13 Sorawish
The UI in this reader is very clean and simple - it has your list of feeds with unread count, plus some text at top giving you the progress of downloads. The read view can be configured to either show the feed text on white or the actual website for each item. Photos are displayed inline with easy double-tap-zoom functionality. Reading all items in a feed is as easy as tapping the Next Item button from the current item, and they load fast (once everything's been downloaded). I've tried many other readers for WP7 and found that Feed Reader has the simplest (and fastest) UI with the best reading experience.
2011-10-02 22:52 anteater80
This is a great reader. I just wish I could view videos without leaving the reader. If I get that I will give 5 stars. Otherwise awesome.
2011-10-03 02:14 ILLwill4U
Most reliable of the 5 google reader apps I've tried
2011-10-03 04:36 coreid
With WP7 I was lookingfore a replacement app for my beloved ilium newsbreak this one has been the best and I depend on it daily
2011-09-28 22:54 klcamfieldjr1
Great Google Reader companion. Works well with Read It Later as well for those times you want to read something more deeply on your PC.
2011-09-29 17:16 Ryan Hellevang
2011-09-29 20:18 Pinkerra1
2011-09-30 01:03 Player610017201
I've been using this app since last November and it's amazing, always updated with great useful features, and the best RSS reader on the Windows Phone or iPhone.
2011-09-30 21:48 altano
All its missing is: • Reorder feed folders • Put any of the "send to" buttons on the top level of the appBar. Happy purchase
2011-09-24 00:41 danrobbins
2011-09-17 18:38 IComposeEFlats
Stable, clean interface, decent performance. A little slow on load to update the feeds, but more than worth the price.
2011-09-17 20:45 Kajjia
Great link with google reader. Update.. Finally Arabic is fully supported. Thanks developer. Please could you change the folder icon to more fashion one.
2011-09-18 08:59 PiRLOoo
Awesome app I use multiple times daily. Great if you read feeds or if you don't, your favorite websites probably do so you can download some articles for later. Other thing I use most is searching, downloading and playing podcasts in the fly
2011-09-14 16:45 daywalker519
Developer here ;-) With the Mango release of the phone coming very soon, the new Mango version of Feed Reader should be live within the next couple of days. New features include the ability to pin folders and feeds to your start menu. A new background agent that will update the front and back of each tile with the new unread count for that tile. You can also pin Twitter, Podcasts and Read it Later clients to quickly launch into those apps. There is also support for fast app switching, so opening articles in browser or emailing then switching back is super fast. There's also a few more tweaks in there and new updates planned with more to follow. Thanks for all the kind reviews and feature requests which have helped make this app so good. Please send me feedback via the app or [email protected] for new features or comments. Thanks, Sam
2011-09-11 23:42 sjarawan
Great RSS reader, works fantastic with Google reader back end.
2011-09-10 14:57 Ian22Blue
Best Feed Reader. Nice title too.
2011-09-11 06:54 Ng Ngoc Hung
Best reader on Marketplace.
2011-09-06 03:39 RyTunes
The fast one compared with all available RSS readers!! UI design is also good for mobile use.
2011-09-04 05:59 rextangtw2
Quick RSS reader - Great app!
2011-08-30 14:48 ImagineDolmas
Literally downloaded them all, Greadie, Greadr, Fuse, Eonder Reader, Feedz, Feeds, WP7 Reader, and this one was rad. Super fast, good settings, great Google Reader integration. Well done.
2011-08-31 05:04 Konolua
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