How's the weather?

  • Is the day calling for an umbrella or suntan lotion? Get pin-point weather forecasts, and you'll know. Keep track of your current location, updated automatically, plus your favorite cities around the globe. View current conditions and check out the 10-day forecast. The weather, and its unpredictable quirks, tracked in one convenient spot!
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  • 2010-10-15 00:00
  • 2010-11-13 15:30
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  • DanielBA16  2010-11-06 07:43
Not bad for a free app. Happy with it
  • BlueThorell  2010-11-01 03:38
All the info you would need about the wether and a bit more. Looks great.
  • KeePeeR28  2010-10-28 14:16
To bad that don't have a live title :'(
  • astrebel  2010-10-26 20:19
I like it
  • peterwis  2010-10-25 20:02
Clean, sweet
  • NATURE  2010-10-24 19:03
  • CreakyDoor1  2010-10-24 06:50
Basic weather app. No frills, and not many features.
  • tsyoo  2010-10-22 23:44
Basic easy to use app, get me info I need quickly. Must have free app if need to check weather.
  • Rkimedes  2010-10-21 16:23
It's got some okay basic information in the forecast, highs, lows, an icon. I wish the Today page had more detailed information about the *forecast* for today, things like a text description of the icon, percent chance of rain, text like "Warm in the afternoon with a cold front hitting early evening," things like that that actually help you plan your day. The information on the today page now is more appropriate to a page called "Current conditions" or "Now."
  • wouterij  2010-10-21 09:07
Nice but where's the live tile?
Like the layout, fits nicely into the UI. Very nice that it instantly shows you the weather at your current location. It is also possible to add custom cities. But the only thing I am wondering is why Microsoft decided not to benefit from the live tile feature? Seems to be the ideal app for that. I hope version 1.1 will support that, then I'll rate it 5 stars. :)
Weather - Average : 7 out of 10 based on 46 ratings and 46 user reviews