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FreeVIP Assist

Welcome to Anything, Anytime, Anywhere! Gives registered users one-touch 24-hour access to a live team of Personal Assistants. Optional GPS feature will keep you safe by providing your personal assistants your location with every request. NOTE:... more




StreetSafe™ - A personal security service that fits your life (Requires Service Subscription) You already carry something with you everywhere that can be a highly effective security device—your smartphone. By harnessing the power of your ... more

By People Guard LLC



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By 麥伯有限公司


Auto Locator

Auto Locator is the perfect app for finding your car, your favorite fishing spot, or any other location you may want to get to, it even works without internet connection. Auto Locator is very easy to use, it has live rotating compass and shows... more

By EngAsh Digital


FreeGirl Drinks

101 Girl Drinks is a must have app for anyone who has ever been in need of a tasty drink recipe and only had their phone on hand. This sexy app allows you to view drinks, browse through drink categories, search, rate, save drinks to favorites and... more

By Treeline Interactive


NZ Events

NZ Events. Find out What's on in New Zealand. Get upto date information on- concerts, gigs, festivals, conferences, expos, theatre & sports etc from time to time more

By Mohit Singh



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By 和田健司


FreeBAC Calculator

This application uses your weight and gender to roughly determine where your blood alcohol level is at any given time. Just press the add button when you take your first drink, and remember to keep pressing the button for any subsequent drink. If... more

By dibyroy


'Excuse me' call

We all know this - bad date lasting forever, boring business meeting, no chance to leave home - even when a simple phone call could help! But no more. With my new app, you will no longer need to hide the phone screen to fake a phone call. You can... more

By MZetko


Heart Lights

Flashing Heart Lights Use to show your love, at a party, on the dance floor or just to be noticed. Built in on/off button more

By Productivity Concepts Inc.