30 Day Challenge

Fun Photo Sharing

  • Version 1.2: 1. You can now take photos for missed days! Just click on the button below your photos and select which days you wish to take photos for! 2. Fixed a problem with the photo display in the 'Past Photos' screen. Note: Although the name is 30 Day Challenge, this app includes a challenge for each day of the year! Do you love taking pictures? Do you enjoy facing challenges? Then this app is for you! Take on a new photo challenge each day, and share your creativity with the world through facebook as well as our own online database (both optional). View photos taken by others, write comments, and vote on your favorites to help them reach the top! This app also includes its own calendar where you can quickly and easily add/remove/view new appointments for any day of the year!
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  • LGMarques
  • 2012-01-10 01:12
  • 2012-02-20 07:43
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Great app
2012-02-11 19:20 Bina5511
2012-02-17 02:28 Player628172612
LOVE IT!!!! ;D
2012-02-18 00:44 dogsMax
2012-02-18 03:52 Player427750704
Very cool app. Great idea! Need to be able to take a picture for missed days though...
2012-01-11 19:26 WildGSZR
Its gonna be awesome!
2012-01-16 05:14 fearthis2010
2012-01-16 17:34 Player900466041
its greaat. they need one for every month
2012-01-18 03:36 marleygang09
2012-01-28 05:00 Player066006908
2012-02-01 04:24 Player513113261
Good, but it would be nice to have a caption of what the days challenge is, so u can put date, pic and cap together=)& be able 2 review how many votes received when looking back at pics u submit...
2012-02-09 05:02 dreyallday
2012-02-10 03:05 Player220141380
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