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  • Get creative. Make your pictures unique by colorizing them! Convert an image to black and white and then bring back a pop of color wherever you choose by brushing the color back on with your fingertip. You can zoom in and rotate the image and change only the smallest details or you can enlarge the brush size and swipe across it sloppily. Your creation is sure to be unique and it’s super easy to do. You can grab an image from the Picture hub by simply viewing it and selecting the colorize option from the extras menu. You can start your work and leave it half done by saving it as a project and when you get back to it, you just continue. When finished, you simply save your new creation as an image and you’ll find it back in your Picture hub. Don’t forget to email or post it for others to enjoy. Features: * New Version 1.2 with improved performance * Pinch to Zoom * Pan and rotate * Unlimited Undo * Save projects to maintain work in progress * Change brush size from pencil tip to thumb * Switch back and forth between color and black & white brush to make corrections * Integrated with the Pictures Hub * Free Trial version available with all functionality enabled except image save
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  • 2010-10-18 00:00
  • 2010-11-13 22:48
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  • Kitron  2010-10-31 23:09
Version 1.2 update
Version 1.2 update improves performance and adds Trial version
  • MrSmartyP  2010-10-29 14:08
awesome app
this app does exaclty what it looks like - it lets you import color photos, converts them to grayscale, and then lets you color back in the areas you want to be colored. the execution on this app is pretty awesome - especially the scaling and zooming it lets you do to color smaller areas in the photo. I just used this on my wallpaper and the effect looks great. The app performs very well and is a great example of a well executed wp7 app. Definitely worth trying, and a great deal at the current price.
  • Gremlin  2010-10-19 18:01
Really slow, makes using it very difficult to use
The app itself does a nice job of doing the part black and white part color work on an image, but it's so slow that it's not really usable, this is just in the painting the colour part. The first time I saved an image it just saved black but subsequent saves have worked just fine.
  • unclutterspace  2010-11-08 21:32
My 10yr old likes this app.
  • LivinginEntropy  2010-11-13 01:48
Loves it =)
Colorize - Average : 8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings and 5 user reviews