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Get creative. Make your pictures unique by colorizing them! Convert an image to black and white and then bring back a pop of color wherever you choose by brushing or flooding the color back on with your fingertip. You can zoom in and rotate the... more

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FreeKoodibooK Mobile

Photos record our memories best. Weddings, graduations, holidays, birthdays—KoodibooK lets you take all your most important life stories with you, wherever you go. Create photo books and publish them for FREE to share with family, friends and... more

By KoodibooK


MyDoodler 7

The new and improved MyDoodler from Windows Mobile 6.5 is now here for Windows Phone 7. Draw pictures right on your WP7 phone, import pictures and edit them, send them as picture message! Create your own canvas with MyDoodler 7. Updated: * Bug... more

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Use PicFx to easily transform your pictures with your choice of four effects. With PicFx, you can modify any photo on your phone using black and white, sepia, or Polaroid film effects, and there’s even a tilt-shift effect you can use to make... more

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Welcome back instant camera ! Apict lets you add the unique "instant camera" look to your photos. FEATURES: • take a new photo or select an existing one, • crop and rotate the photo to select the area to work on, ... more

By Olivier Payen


Easy Image Collector

Easy Image Collector allows you to search the web for images and save them to your Windows Phone 7 device. Images are saved to the Photo Hub for easy access. Simple swipe gestures are used to navigate through thumbnail lists and full size images.... more

By Pelnor


Photo Cropper

Photo Cropper is both a photo utility and an educational tool. Photo Cropper teaches you how to use time honored and proven techniques for cropping your photos. Eight modules teach you about the five different overlays available in Photo Cropper.... more

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Password protect and hide your photos for less than the price of a latte! Use PicLocker to organize your photos into multiple password protected albums. PicLocker uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption to make sure that your photos don't fall... more

By R & Dee


FreePhoto Frame

Photo frame integrates with and creates a creates a slideshow of pictures from a user's Photo gallery, bing search and other sources supported by FrameIt. Add weather and RSS feeds to the mix. more

By Paambu


Pictures Lab

The ultimate picture effects app for all device types! wrote: "a Swiss Army knife of photo tweaks". If you like to make beautiful photos, then this app is a perfect addition to your phone’s toolset. Pictures Lab provides you with... more

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