Sarcastic Greeting Cards

Honesty for true friends.

  • Find out who your true friends are – these funny sarcastic cards are not for the easily offended. Everyone else will be cracking up, though! To spice them up even more, choose some of your most legendary shots (deep within your personal archive) and place them in the picture hole so there’s no mistake who the sender is. Deeply personal, wildly exaggerated, with a few sharp edges – target Sarcastic Greeting Cards wisely! *** Features *** * Pick from 16 uniquely-designed templates * Choose any picture from your Pictures Hub or take a fresh one and turn it into an expressive card * Save your custom-made card in your Pictures Hub * Send your card to your friends and relatives in one click and add your greeting without worrying about length, fonts and colors ***Other e-cards titles by Melon Mobile include: Classic Love Cards Classic Valentine Cards Happy Birthday Cards … and more coming up!
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Love sarcasm :)
2012-02-06 17:06 Player641685585
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