• v3.12: Stream-lining of Interfaces - Less scrolling to get to specific functionality and can be accessed directly from the Application Bar - Location-Aware Live-Traffic conditions - Faster Loading and Minor Bug Fixes v3.9: More and More Visualizations - Map Visual of each Step of each Direction of each Route. - Map Visual of each Traffic Alert / Incident - Navigation and Color-Coded Traffic Conditions Map Visuals. v3.0: Blast Off ! - The much-awaited Driving-Navigation functionalities are now part of this v3.0 release. - All different functionalities are now grouped by WP7 color schemes. - Sale proceeds of this WP7 application will go towards charity. SG-Drive aims to be the ultimate WP7 App for Singapore motorists by helping them plan their travel routes and time by giving them a bird's eye macro view of the traffic conditions with images from LTA installed cameras. It comes with driving-navigation functionalities with up-to-date routes and directions, estimated time duration and distance with color-coded traffic condition map visuals. This application comes with easy-to-use personalization features that is user-configurable, which allows users to sort-n-order their favourite cameras and also allows a favourite list of camera images so traffic condition images can be all viewed easily at one easy glance. The trial version has limited functionalities such as incomplete traffic camera points, roads, routes and navigation directions, no local cache of favourites, no map visuals, etc. For a good cause, sale proceeds will go towards charity. Thank you for your support. NOTE: "SG-Drive" was previously known as "SG-LTA Traffic Cams" WARNING: For goodness sake, please do NOT use this app while driving ! Do your route planning before driving.
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This doesn't meets up to expectations !
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