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  • 7dialer allows you to quickly call any of your contacts. No need to go to the contact hub nor flick neither scroll to find a contact, simply launch this app and use its SIP keyboard to search the contact you want to dial to, tap on it and ready to talk. You can also send an SMS or email in a couple of taps. The app also allows you to define a favorites list for even faster access. You won’t need to enter each contact manually because 7dialer is able to import/sync your Windows Live contacts. Google contacts and Facebook contacts sync will be added soon. Enjoy! More info at http://jdbp.mobi/7dialer
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  • 2011-03-01 03:57
  • 2011-05-05 17:49
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2011-05-14 15:51 Smirk Dlanor
2011-05-17 22:53 Player913943019
It doesn,t sync Google contacts. When import windows live contacts, it doesn,t sync all numbers stored for an individual contact. The favorite contacts appear in ugly shaped icons. It doesn,t deserve to be paid.
2011-05-20 00:47 PiRLOoo
2011-06-27 23:28 wangqile
very handy
2011-03-29 15:52 Smirk Dlanor
2011-03-28 17:43 FieryHat009
Not sure what the point is. If I already know someone's phone number, why would I want to search for them _by number_ and then select their name to dial? Might as well just dial. And the alpha search isn't anything appreciably better than native search. This app would be far more useful if, like others have mentioned, it did predictive numbers-to-letters searches like the old WinMo 6.x phones did. I'd pay for this in a heartbeat if that was the case.
2011-03-22 16:49 Kuhbuz
version 1.1 is much faster, nice improvement. Don't know why MS didn't include this functionallity out of the box
2011-03-17 22:49 Smirk Dlanor
Too slow, would be nice if i can spell out name in number pad ie. Rick = 7425 like wm6.5 smartdialer
2011-03-02 04:31 typhoontypes
I believe this has the potential to replace the system dialer, as long as Smartdialing is added (using number pad to bring up names, as was with WM6.x). Also, need to be able to call directly from dial pad as well. Great app, and dev said Smartdial and other features are coming in the future.
2011-03-02 22:36 lethimin
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