• >> While we continue developing the next version of AppTracker with exciting new features, here is a small update with the new regions and Mango support. Big thank you for your continuous feedback and support! Stay tuned! << AppTracker is the ultimate tool to keep track of your Windows Phone 7 apps on the Marketplace. “A must have for every WP7 developer” “Extremely useful app for developers” “Coolest app for developers” Developers can track the performance of their apps with up-to-date reviews from worldwide, as well as stay ahead of the competition, and see what others developers are up to. Consumers can get a better picture of an apps quality by seeing the full range of worldwide reviews about it. --------------------- New in version 1.4 --------------------- - Fixed issue causing some Mango specific apps not to be found in search results --------------------- New in version 1.3 --------------------- - New regions support - Mango support - Back button fix --------------------- New in version 1.2 --------------------- - Review translation into 30+ languages - Option to choose default marketplace - Fully localised UI - Performance improvements - UI enhancements --------------------- Features --------------------- - Easily search for an app in the Marketplace - Add your favourite apps into the followed list - Worldwide overview of reviews - Detailed review list by region - Share reviews by email or SMS - See the rating distribution by region or worldwide - See when new reviews are available Check out our YouTube video:
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  • 2010-12-20 17:50
  • 2011-12-08 10:57
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A must have app especially for developers. I'll give 5 stars when it implements a live tile and/or pin to start of favorited app(s) to show review changes when they happen instead of having to open the app just to check.
2011-11-30 16:49 bc3tech
I love it!
2011-12-02 14:55 DaleHeke
Helpful. Thanks :-D
2011-12-02 22:39 THESILENTSNEAK
2011-12-04 23:46 Player181748787
Show limited number of apps from a publisher
2011-11-25 14:26 erkandeveci
Stopped working for searching mango apps.
2011-11-25 15:06 pratikkothari
Favorites disappear all the time.
2011-11-28 11:57 Player150314066
Very handy, but annoyingly slow. Please enhance the app by taking advantage of background threads and doing work on the dispatcher thread instead of UI thread
2011-11-28 16:13 MohoForYoMoney
Works great. I use it to keep track of my app. A must-have for any app developer.
2011-11-29 20:37 ananthonline
A must have for devs. This isn't the only tracker. But it's the only one I'll use. Good, fast UI.
2011-11-30 01:19 BoomerangBandit
Great app!
2011-11-30 07:43 kkarlson
2011-11-18 23:53 mcdt
Very useful app. Great work.
2011-11-20 13:10 dpavlos
Stopped working and continually removes saved favourites
2011-11-21 07:10 NDruOh
2011-11-22 01:38 Violent Will
Incomplete app list
2011-11-23 18:17 Player406319083
2011-11-14 22:17 AnsarMubarak
2011-11-15 11:40 ri5te
2011-11-16 05:52 Bosko19
This is really nice for app developers!
2011-11-16 13:08 LanceMartineau
Fantastic, especially with mango support.
2011-11-17 08:13 Laphde
No complaints :) now supports the mango marketplaces
2011-11-17 18:25 deburrick
Thank you for the update. But the favorites still disappear. And please, get rid of the confirmation dialog each time a new favorite is added. Actually, it would be VERY nice to be able to add a bunch of favorites in one step (like, check multiple items from the list and add them all at once).
2011-11-17 23:18 Player150314066
Thanks for supporting more countries.
2011-11-18 01:48 SplitSword
Thanks for this.
2011-11-07 04:18 ghettoSun
Good, but please add Japan and russia markets
2011-11-08 07:40 kkarlson
Well, after all that work searching and typing for applications, nothing is showing on the favorites list. Uninstalling Now.
2011-11-11 19:20 jimmburrell
2011-10-31 14:59 Vable2
Mango version? Good app.
2011-11-02 18:12 kkr11ever
2011-11-02 21:35 gkonthegame
2011-11-03 15:34 IntelGazelle
All my favorites disappear at least once a day.
2011-11-06 04:46 Player150314066
Needs to update to 7.1sdk and include the new markets. Otherwise is great.
2011-10-25 17:34 deburrick
Good app
2011-10-27 10:33 Player328551581
2011-10-28 01:17 Techno7im
2011-10-28 07:11 jleso
2011-10-31 03:55 max2me
2011-10-22 03:19 Sheemalakameeda
Love this app so much
2011-10-22 21:49 ShaggyNew
Very nice app for seeing app reviews. Translation feature is too good to have.
2011-10-19 15:33 Monika Ratan
Useful, but would like to see an update with reviews from other regions that aren't included right now.
2011-10-19 19:17 karocage
The app is pretty good. I wish I could get push notifications for any new reviews or ratings.
2011-10-21 21:59 djarvis8
shows only a few Markets
2011-10-12 00:08 Ramalho89
great job.
2011-10-13 06:28 Player373304294
Excellent software! A must have for devs!
2011-10-13 18:58 SquigglyFrog
Your latest release won't remember who you r following *** over
2011-10-04 21:56 gnarleyrod
Well done!
2011-09-30 00:03 IceX
2011-09-30 08:28 BoomerangBandit
2011-09-25 15:05 KingK97
Love it. Great search cap. & Rating.
2011-09-19 21:02 GatewayTiger
Very good for helping me follow reviews of my apps. Search needs to not be limited to 10 results though and a live tile would be nice as well.
2011-09-19 21:59 aa0606
Best game ever had!!!
2011-09-21 01:20 TonySalgueiro73
Not a great app doesn't give u what u looking for.
2011-09-14 19:01 Player353801857
Works flawlessly.
2011-09-10 04:49 EricKarlSF
Great app. Clean and simple UX. My only suggestion is to add the app ranking and also remove the MessageBox prompt when following an app.
2011-09-11 16:48 SlicknSly
2011-09-06 17:17 Player181748787
nice app, but occasionally forgets my favorites which is quite annoying
2011-09-03 21:47 YousefED
Very effective but is a little lacking something
2011-09-02 09:12 DevastatorZP
Almost great but... too slow (maybe on mango it works faster). And some navigation problems: when you filter by country the back button should return you to worldwide, not to applist.
2011-08-29 05:14 andrewus
2011-08-23 22:22 loflabr
2011-08-17 06:21 Player043165531
Great app!
2011-08-14 09:52 liakamp
2011-08-08 04:50 Techno7im
Well done, thanks!
2011-08-09 00:01 iniquitous1138
Good app. Lost my favorites once. Can use better metro UI.
2011-08-04 19:23 ValioStoychev
German translations are bad, use a diff provider plz.
2011-08-05 07:57 intrawebs
2011-08-02 04:04 MohoForYoMoney
Awesome app
2011-08-02 15:23 Player553641000
Nice but can be painfully slow at times...
2011-07-31 07:42 mlaban
Very useful, I use this a lot to track reviews of my apps.
2011-07-29 22:46 DirtyBrumpkin
Awesome, love the translate feature. Great stuff here folks!
2011-07-25 20:03 ScottHubLabs
2011-07-24 22:27 juliuscreer
2011-07-25 05:58 Player328551581
2011-07-21 00:22 Panoylhs
2011-07-22 10:02 gkanatsios
2011-07-22 23:01 OutwardWhistle6
Works good. It will be nice if I can see my rankings as well
2011-05-06 17:54 madEmad
Very good
2011-05-15 23:21 Rasputaine
Very nice :-D
2011-05-16 04:02 itsff
Very useful and works as expected
2011-05-19 13:06 michaelspivey
2011-05-20 04:47 Mr Tor
Just shipped a game and this app has been great for tracking reviews!
2011-05-21 18:08 JoelPatrol
Originally I thought this was a task manager type program. But this is a app for following and searching for apps. Its ok but market place search is better and has a more friendly USER INTERFACE..UI and the presentation is somewhat poor. Check out market place search app
2011-05-22 20:47 xRIPPERx ELIT3
Very useful
2011-05-24 12:37 Polhovskiy
Useful. Thanks !!
2011-05-25 15:24 panzercool
Great app for developers! Just a must have!
2011-05-26 19:59 kvervo
Work well
2011-05-27 21:36 machethier
A very nice app to track your apps. I like the UI a lot, simple and efficient. Just 4 stars to push you to add category and overall rankings :-) Thanks for putting it for free as well.
2011-05-28 06:01 cybermaak
2011-05-28 12:01 castewa
2011-06-01 00:33 YNT Ash
Little slow. Kinda buggy. Great app but could use some tweaks
2011-06-01 07:00 MikeByke
2011-06-02 05:51 BIG DADDY SNEAD
Great app, but could use some performance tunning.
2011-06-02 18:56 BeefCakeWarrior
Very nice to follow your own apps for updated reviews.
2011-06-03 17:04 pratikkothari
Very good app.
2011-06-04 04:11 Pelikhan
2011-06-05 18:32 vimafeje1
2011-06-09 10:14 xxxBARTLEBEExxx
Perfect for keeping track of my apps' reviews.
2011-06-09 23:45 mwdavis84
Very good but GUI could be a little faster.
2011-06-10 20:45 Buszujacywzbozu
Very good!
2011-06-12 00:04 mercedesblue
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