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  • GDocs is a simple client for Google docs for windows phone. Currently it supports: * Viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. * Offline (no internet needed) viewing once downloaded. More features will be added soon. Other highlights: * “Download all” option allows you to have all your files available for offline viewing on the go. * Very responsive and intuitive user interface. * Your password is encrypted before saving. All communications with Google is over SSL (secure channel)
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  • 2011-01-28 00:00
  • 2011-02-11 01:06
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Great and light app...impressive. Only upload option is missing
2011-01-30 17:42 Player049807159
Very smooth. An upload feature would be great
2011-01-30 18:15 Syneidesis
Can't access spreadsheet tabs
2011-01-30 18:41 Lunaobscurus
I can't move
2011-02-08 22:32 gge310
Once the document is downloaded it can't be removed. Also non-english characters are displayed as random marks or boxes. Lot to be done, but keep up the good work.
2011-02-08 22:49 MeekAverage
Great app. Everything was already said in comments below... •Utf8 •edits •Viewing tabs in spreadsheets •Viewing slides in ppt •Some kind of sync with office hub •Deleting downloaded docs
2011-02-09 09:06 karpik1
2011-02-10 03:36 Player769213890
Works really well.
2011-02-10 04:03 saturobi
No support for non-English words
2011-02-10 07:25 Player039361823
2011-01-30 19:14 ma7ija
Looks and works great! No editing functions, however. Oh, doesn't support tabs either!
2011-01-30 20:07 Megatron63
Really well designed and fast. It could use editing abilities.
2011-01-30 22:03 jago000
Great stuff, exactly what I was looking for!!
2011-02-05 22:21 bobjoemonkey
Great app! A must have for Windows phone users who also use Google docs!
2011-02-05 22:44 BigHulkDiesel
Cool app
2011-02-06 02:39 Player122068609
Great application
2011-02-06 15:51 TDtrax
nicely done!
2011-02-06 17:37 alienkrush
2011-02-06 20:07 Gondee
2011-02-06 21:58 EliteStorms
2011-02-07 07:16 kk13828083547
2011-02-07 07:43 Bright Colors
Great app with cool user experience.. Awaiting an update with editing functionality..
2011-02-07 10:19 SharadAg
Great app, really quick to load would loveee editing ability
2011-02-07 14:28 killmaster7410
Nice app
2011-02-07 19:43 G Alexandov
5••••• When it edits...
2011-02-07 21:15 WieldiestKitten
2011-02-07 21:15 Supersteve524
2011-02-07 22:42 wezil18
Great app, clear and quick viewing
2011-02-08 09:43 Player091428445
Good if we could edit files
2011-02-08 14:29 aderts
Can't access tabs
2011-01-31 00:38 BR YANKEE
Pros: - Nice interface - fast and responsive! - great for reading docs stored with google Cons: - cannot edit or create docs - cannot delete downloaded docs - can't sort docs(only by name) - not integrated with Office hub
2011-01-31 02:46 LammyGotRice
2011-01-31 04:01 jingyuqi
Great app
2011-01-31 05:00 BryanGuy13
Good one
2011-01-31 07:56 gurupak
2011-01-31 08:34 RemcoPloeg79
Amazing please include edit option
2011-01-31 11:58 ajeee
2011-01-31 14:19 SHADOWSTORMJ13
Does exactly what it says and elegantly. WP7 comes with Office. So missing edit support is not a biggie.
2011-01-31 16:59 sandysen
Very nice and useful app
2011-01-31 17:40 Player485537450
2011-01-31 18:53 Webnoi
Very useful, certain issues with documents either not loading or not able to scroll through. Might be the clients file. Great app for free.
2011-01-31 20:26 Player034707517
Great App
2011-01-31 21:44 AJM 1976
Ppt and pptx not working only the first slide visible messes up xls No double byte support
2011-01-31 21:55 Anyaszomorito1
2011-01-31 22:11 BoiGorg3ous
I am having some alignment issues on my spreadsheet view, but other than that great!
2011-02-04 17:24 Player019871930
Perfect app! Editing ability would be great, but very happy with what this can do.
2011-02-04 18:09 Mirage0150
Visually stunning and functionally efficient
2011-02-04 19:01 rngjkhjkh
Could use some added functionality, like displaying folders, but other than that, the app UI is clean and easy to use.
2011-02-04 20:22 Ursus Celticus
Ok app, should let you delete documents saved on the phone. Google should make a Google Docs app themselves.
2011-02-05 02:55 Nate1088
2011-02-05 03:35 xxgFreemanBMxx
2011-02-05 03:42 Player185620490
Great implementation! It doesn't try to be too ambitious, but it satisfies the very point of having googledocs mobile!
2011-02-05 12:54 Denizen08
All its missing is the ability to edit, other than that, it's a wonderful app!
2011-02-05 16:40 AlpineGH
2011-01-31 22:29 MICO XD
Perfect. Fast and everything..
2011-01-31 23:04 Hunwarrior Mob
Good idea, somewhat lousy implemented. Too many issues whith documents. Great effort though, tnx.
2011-01-31 23:11 Player860582178
2011-02-01 00:01 TheSwollPackage
Great works with enterprise.
2011-02-01 00:35 Hedghog69
Looks great, but not practical without extra options. Nice free app though for Gdoc access.
2011-02-01 01:24 jonnymilba
2011-02-01 01:53 Taiwan Moli
2011-02-01 02:39 xXBlackBurn DXx
Very useful...however PPT does not fully work and no landscape
2011-02-01 02:39 CaptainRJMT
2011-02-01 03:26 Phantom Burn
2011-02-01 05:05 ensie1
Very good app. No problems at all with it on my Samsung focus.
2011-02-01 05:26 CROWBAR8888
2011-02-01 06:24 ninjahunter2011
2011-02-01 10:21 Raucher
2011-02-01 12:54 Silkious
great! as usual!
2011-02-01 15:57 kkhamitimur
2011-02-01 16:12 jetruax
Nice handy app
2011-02-01 18:26 DeliciousLemon5
Existing items look great, way better than the mobile website view of Google docs! Wish I could at least make simple edits though.
2011-02-01 18:56 wangela
2011-02-01 20:03 samhradh
Great start, but important features a missing
The most serious issue is that it doesn't support UTF encoding (for example, all docs in Russian are not displayed properly). And I don't actually need in-browser preview for my docs, it would me much better if this app simply downloads all docs from Gdocs and opens it appropriate office hub app. Another good feature to implement - is to sync Google docs with office hub. Looking forward for next version.
2011-02-01 20:26 DizzySquash
Very slick and useful. Editing would be a great addition
2011-02-02 02:57 VivT
2011-02-02 03:44 profbirch11
Top of the line as always the sec. Also..
2011-02-02 17:33 purrungas
Great app but can't view pdfs since Samsung focus OS doesn't have PDF viewer. Downloading viewer wont help either. Overall has potential.
2011-02-02 22:00 Player281062876
Very nice, but would be helpful to be able to view the different tabs on the same spreadsheet
2011-02-02 23:19 Napkin 2 beta
2011-02-03 01:18 Player978460755
2011-02-03 01:34 atlhomie
It doesn't reinvent the office suite but makes use of the existing awesome office experience. Great app! Especially for free!
2011-02-03 06:33 xeromal
2011-02-03 06:34 bha7esh
Wow very sleek. Great functionality and no lag at all
2011-02-03 08:36 KennyTheHitmanX
Good start, but limited. You can't write docs in the app. It will get better.
2011-02-03 12:36 theipodsucks
Looking forward to edit option
2011-02-03 14:38 mjmetekohy
2011-02-03 15:03 Akimbo1985
2011-02-03 18:46 Bryank89
Awesome app! Its really smooth to navigate. Its simple, but hopefully there will be some added functionality soon.
2011-02-03 23:32 Player435621365
Just awesome
2011-02-04 02:10 JaanShaik
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