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  • InkNotez is an app mainly for taking notes, but also works great as a drawing tool. It is simple and easy to use, but is very customizable and has many features. You will never lose your notes because it has an automatic save feature in case you accidentally close the app, and a permanent save button as well. A paid version (without advertisements) will become available if requested. (In comments or through email at [email protected]).
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  • SimzzDev
  • 2011-04-19 19:24
  • 2011-05-03 12:09
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Good start. But doesn't support typing.. It's very tricky to handle hand-painting..
2011-05-02 16:45 Player912206941
Makes note taking easy and simple. It also saves when you exit so you don't lose anything. Easy to use, but with lots of features.
2011-04-24 15:07 jsimzz
Well done! Much better than the paid app I am currently using and with even more features. Thank you. The ads really don't get in the way, but if you did make a paid version I would definitely make a purchase. A couple things you may want to consider: -A way to save; the brush size, color and paper type as defaults. -Possibly a way to delete the on screen image. So if you were to pull up a saved image, like a shopping list, you could delete it right from the app rather than opening the Pictures Hub and deleting from there. -I am in the minority on this one, but maybe a color other than the accent color for the Tile. Don't know why users like the monotonous look but more than half of my 46 Start tiles are one color, which makes apps harder to find when scrolling and looks dumb. Might as well get rid of the tiles altogether and just add words with white letters. Sorry, end of rant.
2011-04-20 04:05 Jimski27
Nice n handy, thanks!c
2011-04-20 04:08 mpuri2k
Email [email protected] with comments.
2011-04-20 06:30 simzz
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