My Life

My Life is for Your Life.

  • My Life app helps parents easily and quickly manage family details, capture and record special moments and keep track of what’s up next for loved ones. Family and Friends: view and store the important information including birthdays, gift ideas, Twitter and Facebook information. Memories: record and save important milestones and memories. Quickly list and easily record them all on your phone. To Do: track weekly to-do lists while being able to add relevant information and photos. Notebook: save key information for later use, such as photos or even add a voice recording. Voice Recorder: record voice memos to keep track of your thoughts while you’re out and about. Wish List: remember gift ideas, including assigning them to specific people and include related information like price, description, and date you need to purchase it by. Trip Planner: keep up with everything from trip details, tasks to packing lists. Upcoming: get a fast and easy glance of what's next with all the information you enter.
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  • 2011-04-28 17:18
  • 2012-05-03 15:30
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2011-08-05 06:04 larsendaniel
Great app so far
2011-07-15 16:51 star1970
2011-05-03 09:31 g1nchy
Pointless. Won't link to my Contacts. Why would anyone want to re-enter data that already exists on the phone?
2011-05-06 00:05 byKnightUCF
Why would I manually enter contacts that are already in my phone's contact list?
2011-05-06 00:51 edwardrkay
Great App. But if it will be possible to map the it Windows Live, that will be much better!
2011-05-06 08:30 Captain DeNiS
2011-05-08 18:58 adelinesdad
2011-05-08 19:26 Longdi Qu
2011-05-09 02:55 KateDuse
Would be really kewl if you could import ur contacts. =/
2011-05-09 04:02 MsElaineous173
Very good app. But not so clearly to use. Hope it could add some guidence.
2011-05-10 04:53 xubochang
2011-05-20 06:53 Skybrat
Every time I want open the notebook I can open only the first note.
2011-06-09 15:51 Hieng
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