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Super Password is Safe!

  • Super Password is a password and data manager. It offers a secure and convenient solution to storing your sensitive information on your Windows Phone. Super Password uses industry-standard AES 256-bit data encryption so your information is protected should your Windows Phone be misplaced or stolen. The app comes with 16 pre-defined categories (data templates) including Web Logins, Email Accounts, Credit Cards, Frequent Flyer, Identifications, Insurance, Software Keys, Vehicle Info, Prescriptions, and more. You can also create your own custom categories. For example, create a ‘Passports’ category with custom fields and a custom icon, and you’re ready to start adding your family’s passport data. What sets Super Passwords really apart is that you can attach photos to your data records. You could take photographs of your passport’s main pages and attach these to your passport records. Very useful in a foreign land if your passport gets lost or is stolen. The Trial version is fully functional with a limit of 5 new items. Give Super Password a try! Download and give Super Password a try.
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  • Redhot World
  • 2011-03-03 08:16
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Been using this for months. The BEST app for managing passwords and accounts! Well done and worth the buy.
2011-12-26 16:48 RedKryptonite07
2011-10-22 20:27 jembutnurut
2011-08-04 02:32 Daoyu06
The best one ever. Going to buy it. I bought this nice app Please please add an option to backup or sync. with sky drive.
2011-05-11 05:46 PiRLOoo
One of the things I missed from bberry was password manager.. But, this app rocks. Please add back up
2011-05-12 10:21 cesarcb
Beautiful password keeper ..Only missing is backup.Great design clean and nice face, lot of options.This is BEST PASSWORD KEEPER IN WP MARKET PLACE.Thx for your hard work and people please if you need password keeper download this.THIS APP IS BEST OF BEST...Please add backup and i rate this 10+ instead of 5 :)
2011-05-20 18:04 CulticFrog
Great app. Good UI and good no.of categories and customizations available. Its a bit slow. Takes time to load app and load pages. Overall a great app. Hope it gets updated soon for speed.
2011-05-25 18:08 JChirag
Don't trust this company with my passwords. No sync.
2011-06-01 14:42 BRIAN UECKER
This a better password app then the one I paid for. Beautiful and organized UI.
2011-06-11 22:45 NinePin Murphy
Great app...really keeps things organized for me.
2011-06-18 21:15 Player780614175
Great app! I would like to have a companion app on my computer to synchronize with phone.
2011-07-09 13:19 Leewatson2
The best one ever. Going to buy it.
2011-05-05 07:30 PiRLOoo
Like its' brother application Geek Wallet, this application is also highly flexible. Both have the ability to encrypt their data and password protect it. Any password you save can be generated or typed in. Where Geek Wallet is geared toward individuals in the IT field, this application has categories set up for the everyday user. There are common categories line Login, Software Keys, and E-Mail account information. Super Password has categories like Credit Card, Bank Accounts, Identification, and even Clothes Size information. A must have to keep all your information in one place and private.
2011-04-10 02:32 Player247420509
Best password keeper that I have used.
2011-03-18 18:57 Player100116933
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