Glow Artisan

Award-winning puzzler!

  • Powerhead Games rebuilds their critically acclaimed Glow Artisan specifically for Windows Phone 7. Glow Artisan is a unique, easy-to-learn puzzle game offering deep gameplay. Players will have to use their wits and ingenuity to solve over 80 colorful puzzles ranging in difficulty from simple to maddening. Glow Artisan features over 150 medals to earn. Plus, players can create new puzzles from scratch with the built-in editor, or take photos from their phone and turn them into puzzles! Glow Artisan for Windows Phone 7 features new puzzles and high resolution graphics, and is fully integrated with the Xbox LIVE features gamers have come to expect from Microsoft. Get rewarded for your puzzle mastery by earning Achievements. Compare your skills and progress with your friends in Leaderboards and Friend to Beat! Glow Artisan Press Highlights • Winner: IGF 2010 Best Mobile Game Design • Game Set Watch thinks Glow Artisan is “Secretly Rad” • calls Glow Artisan a “cunning color-based puzzle game.” • Quantum Box dubbed Glow Artisan “a cool puzzle game that involves color mixing and pattern creation.” • Nintendo Life says, “Puzzle fans will take a shine to this one… you won't want to put it down,” and concludes that Glow Artisan is "9/10”! • "It's an amazing game that you should definitely check out." - StephsTooDef Glow Artisan – winner of the Best Mobile Game Design Award from the Independent Games Festival – now completely rebuilt for, and available on, Windows Phone 7!
  • Puzzle & trivia
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  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • 2010-10-16 21:45
  • 2011-04-17 19:42
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Great game
2011-04-15 14:09 Kirabaka
Eh. I liked it enough to pay 1.99 for it, but it got boring pretty quickly. Guess it's just not my kind of game.
2011-04-11 19:45 Player476657004
Easily one of the best and long lasting wp7 games. though very challenging, so it may not be for everyone. Gonna be tons of hours till I finish all the puzzles. I got it on deal of the week. A steal at $2. Even $3 ain't bad. This game is huge!(ADD ME to compare scores!)
2011-04-12 10:00 Black Rhythm
Very entertaining and unique
2011-04-13 03:30 Riskbreaker23
Excellent. Challenging. Addicting. High quality game.
2011-04-08 03:12 Shoot2ill85
Excellent puzzle game. Would like to see the ability to share custom puzzles with friends added.
2011-04-08 15:09 Affynity
Challenging and entertaining game; getting all the gold time metals certainly takes time.
2011-04-09 01:10 dougsomething
Great game must buy
2011-04-04 20:31 Fear The Cack
Simply fantastic
2011-04-05 03:00 Mr Rick Smits
2011-04-05 04:34 CIDkidzPILLZ
Ok just not my type of game but don't let me discourage those that like it get it now that it's only a 1.99 after the deal of the week is over it goes back to being over priced.
2011-04-05 15:43 The RaLph one
Easily one of the best and long lasting wp7 games. though very challenging, so it may not be for everyone. Gonna be hours and hours till I finish all puzzles. I got it on deal of the week. A steal at $2. Even $3 ain't bad. This game is huge!
2011-04-05 18:21 Black Rhythm
Excellent puzzler.
2011-04-07 10:24 Aelgyn
Very challenging, and addicting. The regular mode in itself is fun; solving the puzzles in the amount of moves alloted. But when you throw in the time A whole new, and demanding aspect of the game appears. Coordination and memory come into play. Definitely one of my fav games on my Focus. ADD ME! Majestek One
2011-04-01 23:38 MaJesTek ONE
Super game, loved it. Highly recommended.
2011-04-02 15:11 harishv
Fun challenging game.
2011-04-03 17:49 Pookiewood
Love d game...worth the money
2011-03-30 19:39 DDAqua007
2011-03-31 21:18 doubleyewdee
Fun puzzle game, yet a little easy.
2011-04-01 15:40 The After Sheep
Good puzzler
2011-03-29 18:11 nillabomb
Not a bad game at all, after buying it by accident I can't say the game warrants the $5 entry fee. Try the demo first
2011-03-25 17:31 CIMIRES
2011-03-22 16:16 rrogerio
Very challenging and frustrating at times which makes it a great game in my eyes
2011-03-19 03:27 Tarps21
Really good game for a phone
2011-03-16 02:57 DaFowlHunter
2011-03-16 05:58 Longdi Qu
This game is *** sweet, it actually makes u think
2011-03-15 02:20 SovietHammer79
Loved it. Bought straight after demo was complete so I could continue
2011-03-12 09:42 Player122093913
This game is *** sweet, it actually makes u think
2011-03-10 13:07 SovietHammer79
Not only is this game one of the best games on WP7, it might be the best puzzle game I've ever played. Its wonderfully addictive and has a good length. Along with some great features for a wonderful price. Its a must buy for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle game
2011-03-03 03:35 NUMB3R BOX
Good game. Makes you think and plan ahead
2011-03-03 03:36 OsirusBlue
Good but very challenging. Very good brain workout.
2011-02-28 14:30 TG2708
2011-03-02 05:06 toxigenicpoem
2011-02-25 18:27 FunkyDuckman
Very challenging, but it's gets repetitive
2011-02-19 11:33 Erwin Ried
Great game and an awesome buy at 2.99
2011-02-16 17:27 NewBloodIV
2011-02-18 08:06 Muddy Vella
2011-02-13 23:52 KryptoSlayer164
2011-02-14 08:17 Mezaaxel
Price drop :D
2011-02-11 09:06 Jeremyh120
2011-02-11 21:11 fbZ King Final
2011-02-06 13:00 MarkOrlassino
2011-02-03 20:01 MajaDK
Great demo. Not paying $5 for the full version though.
2011-02-02 01:42 abovecplincoln
2011-01-31 04:42 irql
Great demo!
2011-01-31 21:48 HenRoid7
Very simple and entertaining
2011-01-29 09:08 Player680854964
Simple to understand, hard to master. Challenging 200GS (especially time trials). HD7
2011-01-18 16:55 CAPP360
Way better than I expected.
2011-01-14 02:44 Tsincaat
2011-01-08 22:45 x5050punk
2011-01-05 13:06 JongJungBu
2011-01-01 09:02 Bazzoon
Overall fun & challenging. However , some time trials are simply not possible, therefore 100% gamerscore is pretty much out of reach. Please fix! For the love of god, I keep trying and its simply not f-ing possible!!!!!
2010-12-31 00:57 LedForeigner
Nice puzzle game. A bit too expensive though
2010-12-31 06:48 alexzz
If you like puzzle games, this one should keep you busy. The Xbox achievements make it more addictive
2010-12-29 10:09 konkeror
Demo was fun. Allot Funner than i initially thought it was gonna be. :D
2010-12-26 16:22 wr3ckloose
Been playing this game from day one. I love it. Simple yet enough complexity to keep you involved. I enjoy the challenge of getting the medals especially the time challenges.
2010-12-25 18:49 drimros
2010-12-26 06:46 FreezerPen
Very fun and addictive puzzle game. Worth every penny.
2010-12-25 01:05 TYRONE2000and6
good fun -- it gets tricky and makes you think
2010-12-23 21:47 TheVoodooFrog
Great brain game
2010-12-22 18:54 CowPusher
Puzzler is good
2010-12-22 03:09 Qwik
I have been enjoying competing against my friends for gold move and time medals. The game doesn't have a very high production value, but it is a great, simple puzzler.
2010-12-21 03:25 VintageLyric
2010-12-21 07:13 Meekajahama
While the production qualities seem a bit low (slow to load, visuals a bit low), the game itself is fantastic and really has you thinking hard when going for gold medals as you progress up the ranks.
2010-12-18 10:39 Talvish
Lost my save 3 times!
2010-12-17 00:06 midas06
2010-12-16 09:10 Blipster
Overpriced flash game found for free on the net. Just like the rest of the games on here.
2010-12-15 07:29 ThawingCardinal
What an addicting and perfectly implemented game! A must have for puzzle fans..
2010-12-14 00:11 ThufirX
This is a wonderful puzzle game that never gets old and is a lot of fun. It's especially great on the wp7 system.
2010-12-14 04:19 Agyne
It's a great brain game. Also kudos on implementing an option for the color blind. WTG.
2010-12-14 17:57 TatteredRagDoll
Amazing :) Very addictive game that will use your brain, for sure.
2010-12-13 19:22 Jribeiroms
Challenging game...
2010-12-10 20:50 CHB Thrasher
Excellent Puzzle Game
This game starts out so simple but gets complex very quick. It is visually appealing, challenging and addictive, everything you could want out of a puzzle game!
2010-12-10 23:33 sagef0ur
2010-12-11 02:12 a3NOOTS
Overall fun & challenging. However , some time trials are simply not possible, therefore 100% gamerscore is pretty much out of reach.
2010-12-08 19:49 LedForeigner
Really addicting puzzle game. Good polish.
2010-12-08 20:51 Clif
Really well done. Fantastic graphics and a great trial.
2010-12-09 05:15 jago000
2010-12-07 03:11 pulseMOD
2010-12-07 04:15 phantums
Great game
2010-12-02 00:18 SilverSlicer
Okay - but not fantastic
2010-11-30 16:50 Ben Armstrong
very fun game!
2010-11-27 23:21 xizhabox
Fun puzzles, but the time medals leave no room for error and are too difficult on a touchscreen where it's so easy to hit the wrong button by mistake.
2010-11-28 05:58 SMBTrumpet
2010-11-26 20:31 Dalcamar
2010-11-23 19:44 Yostage
Enjoying so much this game! The puzzles are getting quite challenging.
2010-11-24 01:14 Player976039
This is the kind of the game I absolutely like, simple concept yet very fun.
2010-11-24 06:29 Uncle Joy
Very fun
2010-11-20 11:27 KnowNightWolf
Fun and challenging
2010-11-19 23:37 Sheelio
Very nice game. Simple concept but can get quite challenging
2010-11-20 00:08 Rowan Forster
Great Game
Very fun game. Quick puzzles that will keep you on your toes.
2010-11-17 13:33 Thomas Sobieck
fun & hard!
It starts out as a simple concept but I felt it got pretty challenging pretty quickly. I wish there were more hints and strategies provided. But I guess that's what the Internet is for. Definitely won't out play this game anytime soon.
2010-11-17 18:09 b0owahaha
2010-11-16 20:46 UNT1TLED
Requires actual thought!
This is a delightfully simple puzzle game that doesn't place a lot of emphasis on speed. As a result, it is great when you just want to sit down and burn through a puzzle for the brain exercise rather than the adrenaline rush. The screenshots don't really give a lot of insight into how the game actually works, so if they look confusing, just go ahead and try it out. One caveat is that the game depends on perception of color and there's unfortunately no affordance for colorblind players.
2010-11-15 20:52 Graceful Ghost
Quite a fun, addicting game.
2010-11-15 03:45 GameCaMiller
Fun as hell. Best puzzle game I've seen so far. Price may be high, but it's comparable to other Xbox wp7 games.
2010-11-14 09:18 piecar
Looks like fun and I want to buy it, however $5 is too expensive.
2010-11-13 00:19 Stoneysilence77
Though visually the game could use some work (for example, buttons with text that isn't properly aligned and other poor looking things), Glow Artisan is super fun! The trial is indeed way too easy, but the games do get harder. Love the gameplay and achievements!
2010-11-10 20:40 phamenoth
The trial/tutorial is brain-dead simple. I think the developer shot themselves in the foot here. But worry not! You'll be scratching your head long before you finish with the "beginner" puzzles, and some of the later ones are quite difficult. Only issue I have is that the author couldn't decide if you're mixing paint or light...
2010-11-08 08:02 ElChive
Interesting puzzle game with plenty to do
Minus one star for being more expensive than it should be and for the graphics being a little rough around the edges (for a UI that's all about flat-colored blocks being beautiful, this somehow seems ugly-ish!), but the gameplay is solid and I get the sense that there's plenty to keep me entertained for a while. A good pick-up-and-play kind of experience.
2010-11-07 01:37 Dryden 01
Glow Artisan - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 116 ratings and 116 reviews.