Word Mints

Addictive word game

  • Word Mints (TM) is a curiously addictive word game. Test your wits by unscrambling letters and locating as many words as you can. Log in with Facebook and compete in the ongoing world wide tournament! Also earn mint coins (to be used to purchase game content in a future update), gain experience, and level up along the way. Stats tracking enables you to watch your progress. Word Mints includes 3 different game modes: * Normal - allows you to accumulate points over multiple rounds of game play while racing against the clock. * Single Round - best for when you only have time for a single round of gameplay * Puzzle Mode - excellent choice for the perfectionist who wants all the time they need to find every last word. So what are you waiting for - it's time to join in on the fun!
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  • 2011-09-17 22:12
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