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  • AcroBible is a fast, offline study Bible designed specifically for Windows Phone 7. The touch-screen interface makes it easy to search and navigate the Bible. You can also personalize your Bible, adding margin notes and tagging verses with keywords for quick reference. The entire Bible is stored on the device for fast access without an Internet connection. New for WP 7.5: Fast app switching, copy verse to clipboard, send verse in SMS, share verse on social networks. Program Features: * Daily reading plans * Complete Old and New Testaments * Fast keyword or phrase search * Highlight verses with up to 6 colors * Tag verses with keywords for fast lookup * Attach personal notes to any verse * Synchronize and backup highlighting/notes/tags with iBibleSpace * Free in-app downloads: KJV, ASV, WEB, YLT, Darby, RVA (Spanish), LSG (French), AA (Portuguese)
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  • 2010-10-14 03:52
  • 2012-04-30 08:56
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2011-11-24 04:44 hockey sarah
Great bible app, I highly recommend it.
2012-02-18 03:43 chuckle490
2011-12-28 06:16 cincohancaido
Good bible, crashes all the time. Need to solve the problem
2011-12-05 17:04 sammyowusu
Best NIV Bible app for WP7. Money well spent.
2011-12-03 07:02 BioScientist7
2011-11-24 04:44 Player824181760
2011-10-25 01:46 caissa
The verses bar needs to be available all the time. When this added will give it an extra star. Also more translation and different types of bible NASB, The Message etc.
2011-10-09 01:41 dappadarkuce
2011-10-08 00:51 Joltcoder
Very nice!!!
2011-10-01 15:06 LCARS X
Works well, like the new dial-view, but would like to see more translation/paraphrase options like NASB, The Message, etc.
2011-09-30 05:20 Chikahiro
After using this app for a while, I still don't like the honeycomb picker on the home screen. Other than that this is a great bible app.
2011-09-25 08:41 rick509
Latest update doesn't lock up my Focus so I'm using it now. It's adequate for simple searching & note taking. Very inferior to my previous Win Mobile app from Laridian.
2011-08-28 17:17 Joe Handyman
Locks up my Focus so I'm not using it until it's updated. Otherwise, it's adequate for simple searching & note taking. Very inferior to my previous Win Mobile app from Laridian.
2011-08-14 12:51 Joe Handyman
Easy search of the books, like the UI. But this app locks up my fusion randomly, certainly not worth my purchase with all the times I've had to reboot my phone Maybe unique to this phone model?
2011-07-16 19:48 metalcaster4jc
Great app with beautiful UI. It makes reading of the Bible vrery sweet. It has the potential of being the greatest Bible app if the dev will include commentaries, devotional and dictionaries .
2011-05-13 18:00 mccasive
Love this app! Great tool & easy to use.
2011-07-05 02:32 KYKRISTING
Good app. Simple and intuitive. Since Laridian has made a biz decision not to develop on the WP7 platform, ACRO has my biz now. These guys have a LONG way to go before they get this app into the same league as Laridian, but it's a great start. Requested translations would include The Message and a NIV study Bible with commentaries (Zondervan-style). Agreed that note-taking and note display should be more robust. Nice Job so far and well worth the price.
2011-04-15 17:35 jbradmcpherson
I can't find the downloads page mentioned in the help. Would like the note taking to be more robust. It should offer auto date of note. Also can't find the reading plan. I love the navigation tiles, verse bar (but it should be accessible any time not just when you land in a chapter.) The tagging feature is great. I'd like t see more choice of font and display. Ilove the start you've made, love this Bible.
2011-01-23 18:56 elvincan2
2011-01-01 01:25 Player684699290
Good looking overall, but needs a few fixes
PROS: 1. Looks good - I really like how it scrolls to the verse selected. 2. Quick access to chapter and verse. 3. Margin Notes are easy to access after they are created 4. Tags should be handy for collecting verses from sermons CONS 1. For the most part they held to the design of the Metro UI. I would prefer they replace the honeycomb alphabet with the standard alphabet tiles found in the UI for contacts. 2. As mentioned by others, the first time I created a tag the program crashed. Subsequent notes have been created successfully 3. If you leave the program by pressing the WP7 Start button, your current session will not show up in the recent list. If you leave the program by pressing the WP7 "Back" arrow, it does save your recent verses. Other: By default the + button pulls up the tags list and then you have to click the Notes button to create a note for the verse. I think I would prefer that there be both a notes and a tag button on the main viewing screen.
2010-11-23 06:21 SuperBlubber
Fantastic bible app, well worth the money
Three main panels allow you to access recent verses, books of the bible, and a search panel. A settings page allows you to customize the app's font size, red letter mode, and some other basic settings. You can also download other free bible versions including a few bibles in languages other than English. From the "books" panel a colorful honeycomb display is used to select the desired book. After selecting book and chapter, the selected passage is shown in a clear manner. Navigation to the previous/next chapter, searching, and verse tagging with custom note are all available in the chapter view. The only problem I found is if you type in a tag name incorrectly there appears to be no way to delete this tag; a minor problem but you'll want to type carefully. One more pan to the right on the main page brings you to a search panel, where you can easily search either the old or new testament. This is a great bible app and well worth the money. I highly recommend this app.
2010-10-15 23:32 rick509
Assuming a good, accurate translation, the most important thing to me in an electronic Bible is the basic navigation: book, chapter and verse. AcroBible has a creative approach where you tap a letter to refine a list of books, then tap the book, the chapter number and (optionally) verse number. The initial "tap a letter" screen has been difficult to get used to, as the letters are in a honeycomb pattern instead of a more recognizable grid. There is color coding, but it would work much better for me if the three colors were used as large blocks to group by beginning/middle/end of the alphabet - trying to keep up with my pastor today was challenging because I couldn't quickly find the right letter. With some navigation tweaks, I'd definitely give it four stars, and it is by far the best Bible app in the Marketplace right now!
2010-10-17 21:18 MountainDewX
It's an ok app, but could be improved further and fix some stability issues. I don't like that it doesn't use the normal windows phone appear because the AcroBible's own app bar seems less responsive and doesn't show me which button I'm currently pressing. While reading Isaiah today, I also encountered couple crashes when I swipe at the bottom of the screen to advance to next chapter.
2010-10-23 19:25 meteorbursts
I love this software that allow me to carry bible with my phone. I can use it offline without internet data connection. It is handy. It is also easy to find the chapter sine it is sorted by alphabet order. It also kept the history of scriptures that you visited. It is also easy to get back to books or main menu. I like the UI design. There are some down sides. It took quite a while to launch. If I also buy NKJV version, it won't combine together. Overall speaking, I like this tool. It is handy and easy to use.
2010-10-26 18:01 JoshTs
Adequate but not great
While this application fulfills the basics for a Bible on my phone, it could really use some work on stability and the user interface. For instance, the app crashed when I tried to tag a verse for the first time - oops... For the user interface, the locations of the buttons aren't consistent with other applications on my phone, there are no hints to tell me what the icons actually do and they don't react the same way buttons in other apps do. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could download additional public domain translations through the little folder icon on the Recent screen, but it wasn't intuitive and felt out of place. Searching needs a lot of work: I want to scope to a single book, scroll through search results without having to tap "More", and I can barely read the search text as I'm typing it since it blends in with the background. Overall, I'm marginally satisfied with this application for the price. Hopefully some updates come out to improve the stability.
2010-10-26 23:15 DaveM408
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