Hereward - the Last of the English

Hereward The Wake

  • Preludfe-When the men of Wessex, the once conquering race of Britain, fell at Hastings once and for all, and struck no second blow, then the men of the Danelagh disdained to yield to the Norman invader. For seven long years they held their own, not knowing, like true Englishmen, when they were beaten; and fought on desperate, till there were none left to fight. Their bones lay white on every island in the fens; their corpses rotted on gallows beneath every Norman keep; their few survivors crawled into monasteries, with eyes picked out, or hands and feet cut off, or took to the wild wood as strong outlaws, like their successors and representatives, Robin Hood, Scarlet, and John, Adam Bell, and Clym of the Cleugh, and William of Cloudeslee. But they never really bent their necks to the Norman yoke; they kept alive in their hearts that proud spirit of personal independence, which they brought with them from the moors of Denmark and the dales of Norway; and they kept alive, too, though in abeyance for a while, those free institutions which were without a doubt the germs of our British liberty. This is a full-length, quality digitized book. Hereward - the Last of the English, by Charles Kingsley, is packaged with an easy to use functional book reader which means you can down load the App and start reading. This is a full length ebook version of this title. Further details of distribution rights and copyright ownership are available at ******* Features include ********** - Flick or click Scroll up/down - Opens up where you left off reading - Variable font size - Portrait and Landscape mode - Table of Contents for easy navigation between chapters - Set bookmarks to remember marked sections
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