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  • IMPORTANT: You need a paid subscription to Instapaper to use this app. Visit Allows Instapaper's ***paying*** subscribers to organize and read their bookmarks on their Windows Phone. Log in and view all your folders. Progress bars let you know what's left to read. Pick your favorite font and size, switch to Night Mode and multitask all you want: bookmarks reopen exactly where you left off! -------------------------- 05/03/2011 Version 1.9.0: fix issue with Twitter authentication process.
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  • 2011-02-06 03:37
  • 2011-05-05 11:32
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I like the app, but its. *** you have to pay. For all the whiners it is because the API instapaper has only works for paid accounts. Not the apps fault.
2011-03-27 03:03 Kryptak
2011-02-25 20:29 Shihchiun
I'm giving it one star instead of previous zero for the fact that the description now honestly says that the app doesn't work without a paid subscription, but still - what's the point? I can't even see if it's worth paying for! Really, I'm paying easily for apps and services, have no problem with the idea whatsoever, but this thing just feels like extortion.
2011-02-16 20:21 vangrieg
Why in the world does it require a paid subscription? Doesn't work without it and doesn't mention the fact in the description.
2011-02-15 06:45 vangrieg
Love it. Only complaint would be I wish the icon was a more traditional square one so my home screen remains fluid but that doesn't take away from how great this app is.
2011-02-14 03:34 Spavacer
App requires paid instapaper account and the app isn't free. That's a bit much to ask for.
2011-02-10 01:45 jeffberg
2011-02-06 18:46 Player771035110
Not able to login, says no active subscription.
2011-02-08 10:53 kkr11ever
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