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  • On SALE for TODAY only. All-in-one Internet Search is the missing search tool for your Windows Phone browser. We've built the world's most convenient search app! This app also includes All-in-one Deals (100's of sites), All-in-one Coupons, shopping list, Easy Park (save where you parked), Geo locations (quickly GPS locate stores around you using an intuitive interface), All-in-one News (1000's of sites), travel deals, slick deals, sales tax calculator, All-in-one Apps (100's of apps), translator, world times, currency converter, Starbucks locator, wine selector, and MUCH MORE! Order today for just 99 cents. Less than a third of what a Starbucks latte costs. Don't waste your time and money with other apps. Purchase one app and get everything you need! Includes free customer support Includes 2 free task credits for All-in-one Concierge (ask us via Email/SMS to check a price or complete a task and we send you the results) Unlimited access - No further purchases required ? EXTREME +PRO Version: Optimized for the power searcher and deal seeker MOVIES, SHOWS, SPORTS, NEWS, DEALS, COUPONS, SEARCH NEW! Select which way to drill down: Google only, deal sites only, shopping sites only ????? PERFECT RATING: 5/5. HIGH RANKING: #30 ON OTHER APP MARKETS "So good I bought it twice" "Excellent for extreme couponing!" "WOW" Thank you for your continued support! _________________________________________________________ ? OUR REVOLUTIONARY SEARCH APPLIANCE WILL SCOUR THE FOLLOWING & MORE: Google Bing Yahoo! AccuWeather (by zip) All-in-one Coupons All-in-one Deals Amazon Facebook Google Movies Google Play IMDB The Free Dictionary The Free Library Twitter Wikipedia YouTube manual .com manual url -Google Answers -Google Blogs -Google Books -Google Directory -Google Excel Files -Google Finance -Google Glossary -Google Groups -Google Images -Google Local -Google Maps AND MUCH MORE!
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