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  • WootTracker7 Lite is the free version of the premium WootTracker7 application! WootTracker7 Lite is your complete Woot.com tracker program to quickly view items currently being sold off of Woot.com and its associated sites. Most importantly, WootTracker7 Lite is a fully featured WootOff monitor. This program will monitor changes to the sites and notify the user immediately of item changes, items sold out, and items that are about to sell out with sounds and vibration. Optional under locked screen operation allows you to constantly monitor the woot sites on the go and be able to react to changes quickly to purchase your cherished Woots. Upgrade to the full WootTracker7 application for Deals.Woot.com, soon to be implemented notifications, and no ads! Features • Shows details of each item currently being sold on Woot.com, Wine.Woot.com, Kids.Woot.com, Shirt.Woot.com, and Sellout.Woot.com. • The paid version also shows Deals.Woot.com, a deals aggregator with both the "Sponsored Deals" and "Community Deals". • Separate pages allow user to quickly scan and decide purchase the item off of the website by pressing the ‘I want one’ button. • Alerts on changes to items during WootOffs. • Plays all item audio podcasts and video WootCasts. • View and zoom pictures associated with the current item. • Optional feature to run under the locked screen to continue notifying the user on Woot site changes when the screen is off. • Optional screen lock disable to keep the application constantly running in the foreground. • If a site currently selling in a ‘Woot Off’ mode, the page will show a items left progress bar, Woot Lights, and updates will occur every 15 seconds. This time is user definable.
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  • Brian Kassay
  • 2010-11-07 16:32
  • 2012-05-01 01:56
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Eh. And no moofi support. No moofi = not a full woot tracker.
2011-11-28 05:21 WillSullivan
Nice app. Would be great to be able to see additional photos for the sale item.
2011-02-12 06:39 IAmDarthJeter
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