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  • 2011-07-16 05:15
  • 2011-10-11 20:08
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Doesn't work
2011-08-28 00:18 rdubmu
Doesn't work.
2011-10-05 08:58 PouffyCone8422
Doesn't work
2011-08-28 00:18 rwmutton
2011-07-29 23:36 Mr Maku Jones
Doesnt work..
2011-07-26 04:34 pradDIABLO
Pretty sure they didn't mean to release this to the public
2011-07-27 04:39 BigSwirv
App was released prior to launching the service, so it is currently pointless. I was excited to download this app on the first day only to find it cannot do anything. Please launch service and website ASAP.
2011-07-22 16:46 Foxtrot1428
2011-07-20 02:10 waded
Not working. Server error. Deleted the app. MS fail.
2011-07-20 06:27 modawkubel1
It doesn't work, I got a server error.
2011-07-22 01:10 Kitsune5tails
Doesn't f in work...dont release shiz that isn't ready
2011-07-17 19:30 Inteller
Service isn't live yet and it can't be used without it...this app was released too early, though it looks like it has potential.
2011-07-17 21:55 TabletWriter
Its not even working yet, received a message that says that my info needs to be verified after the Facebook login. Was this a leak or what? Also, can you take a more metro approach? This looks like an ios app :(.
2011-07-17 22:37 xBartenderx
2011-07-17 23:28 modawkubel1
Like the idea but why release a app that doesn't work yet?????? Make it work so we can enjoy it MS Research :-P
2011-07-18 00:20 Str8 Killin Ya
2011-07-18 01:45 waded
To early for release, and it look like an ios app.
2011-07-18 01:52 KevSparta
Released half-baked. Might be a fun app, but Fuse screwed up the privacy statement, and app authorization with Facebook. Horrid launch for an app.
2011-07-18 02:35 TheMsftMan
Does it have to have the facebook access granted to work? Currently it does not work. Looking fwd to getting a fix, then i will rate this app again for sure. Thanks
2011-07-18 03:36 sangarm
Doesn't work and to compound the insult its basically an iphone app in appearance. Good luck with growing WP7's marketshare if this is the best you can do MS.
2011-07-18 04:26 efjay
I switched from iPhone to WP because of the metro UI. MS should be embarrassed to release this app. How can you sell your platform on the uniqueness of the UI when your own app is completely lacking the metro UI? Fail.
2011-07-18 10:56 jmatthewmckee
Doesn't even start for me
2011-07-19 03:41 lilleonso
Terms Of Service and Privacy Statement buttons on first launch screen don't actually "DO" or show anything. So the Agree button is a blind leap of faith.
2011-07-17 01:58 Twyndyllyngs
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