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  • Facebook BEAUTIFULLY designed for Windows Phone. It has most of the features of the desktop version. You can use Facebook Groups, Facebook Photos, Facebook Places, Facebook Events, Facebook Notifications, Facebook Messages and so on. Facebook+ for Windows Phone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. **AD FREE**VERY FAST APP**
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  • 2011-09-03 09:15
  • 2012-02-06 03:46
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Cant Log Out !
2011-12-12 12:09 Dish Paul
This app sucks. Get the real one. Plus the real one is free. Much much better
2011-11-22 17:16 PuertoRicanKaos
Everything is good except I can't view full size images :/
2011-10-19 20:32 RahilHaneef
<3 it wish it was still on the marketplace cause its better than the other Facebook app
2012-04-29 17:12 Joe Travel Dude
2012-03-29 23:32 Player127525464
<3 it
2012-04-01 22:58 Joe Travel Dude
2012-04-04 15:57 Caesar29e
2011-10-31 22:45 Amagana101
2011-09-30 01:40 sweetmama5
It doesn't work
2011-10-27 22:00 losmegachingons
Works great then dies.
This app worked great then just stopped working. The should really come up with a update to fix or give the people there money back.
2011-11-08 08:04 Dthebadboy74
Its way too slow, when you go to wall it takes you to your own profile and they already have a profile selection, its not worth it dont get it
2012-03-11 19:48 JD Chilly
Its bad
2012-02-07 05:03 Player746234481
Was worth 5, until it messed up :'( FIX IT!!!!
2012-01-29 16:43 XXXBlondie7XXX
Buggy and slow.
2012-01-22 22:51 Player899277322
Just links the mobile website. *** and still have yet to get refund DONT BUY!!!!!!!! Wish I could give negative stars!
2012-01-24 09:29 SincereSoprano
Looks bad get the free one its better
2011-12-21 19:57 stoney surgeon
2011-12-22 23:50 krisROXX4
This app sucks its all over the place and it has no push notifications, the free one is better.
2011-12-23 19:51 miajon01
Sucks!!! Not much different than using mobile web. Want my 2.99 back. What a waste!!! Would have given zero stars if I could.
2011-12-27 06:49 guitarkeith71
2011-12-28 18:30 Player079498291
Waste of money. No push notifications, ridiculous interface. Free version is better-sadly.
2011-12-29 04:47 Psyry
This app suck so much that they made it free terrible
2011-12-29 06:37 rburks0
Works very well! The BEST facebook app!!
2011-12-29 22:35 mateuszlewko
I feel really bad for those that paid for this, I just downloaded this and man it $ucks,.... slow, and buggy as all hell,,,
2011-12-30 02:53 klove316
Nice! Very appealing :)
2011-12-30 03:43 mettekm
No sirve.
2011-12-30 04:09 Player396454783
Way better then the 2.99 version and it's free!
2011-12-30 23:10 xenaluz
Its not an app....its a website only. You only browse the facebook mobile website.......dont install it, instead go through the internet explorer, is safier.
2011-12-31 13:59 thigiorgio
It's just like your moble version.-.-
2012-01-04 09:57 JeanetteMSotelo
This thing Sucks !! I regret buying it .
2012-01-04 18:23 Player934405586
Not bad
2012-01-06 03:36 Player511405528
2012-01-11 00:16 ahmadmb
Well it works better then that people thing
2012-01-12 04:29 TalkativeSara
2012-01-21 00:53 Player904099467
Its okay. But the price is too much!
2011-12-11 15:11 iSnipeRio
Cant Log Out !
2011-12-12 12:09 Blazin Hiqh
Does Some Things Well
While this app do more than the free version does, i.e. 'liking' specific comments, etc., it sorely needs to be Mango-fied. No Live Tiles, no push notification, etc. If this were done, it could easily become a 4- or 5-star app.
2011-12-14 16:51 CodeSe7en
Works very well! The BEST facebook app!!
2011-12-09 05:28 mateuszlewko
Está buena
2011-12-09 15:33 albos05
This Is Soo Gay
2011-11-30 02:29 Player203882866
I dont know where I can contact the developers at for my money back, this app is terrible. It loads up fine and let's me login, but I cant check ANYTHING, I just get an HTTP 5000 Internal server error. Doesn't deserve the 1 star I gave them.
2011-12-01 20:52 iIi Am EnVy
Works very well! The BEST facebook app!!
2011-12-02 11:24 mateuszlewko
The worst wish they gave refunds
2011-12-04 03:40 WhineyEmoChick
The reviews are right, dont buy this. Its just a shell over the mobile fbook.com site that loads in the browser. Minimal value add.
2011-11-23 05:29 Karthik Cool
Looks terrible. Wish I hadn't downloaded this.
2011-11-23 05:35 Player251917327
The BEST facebook app!!
2011-11-27 10:53 mateuszlewko
GREAT!!! I love this app. Very useful and everything is ok :)
2011-11-18 16:58 Player514381757
2011-11-18 23:40 LyssaKatherine
I like this FB app better than any of the others. Its easier to use and has not froze up on me. I just wish that u could intergraded U- Tube in this app ( that works)
2011-11-20 21:21 Pam3122
2011-11-21 07:21 Player214305987
2011-11-22 02:25 XJOEBINNX
This app sucks. Get the real one. Plus the real one is free. Much much better
2011-11-22 17:16 chipmunk94
Needs some serious work in several areas. Can't post anything to groups. Can't even navigate to the previous page.
2011-11-10 15:50 vanyvrg
Not working. Crashes. I tried everything, even reinstalling. I want my money back.
2011-11-11 12:32 mickeykev07
This app does not work don't waste your money
2011-11-11 16:24 Player144063589
Never worked. Locks up on launch
2011-11-14 04:20 TooQWK4U
GREAT app!!
2011-11-14 09:35 mateuszlewko
App blows a big one wouldn't download if it was free
2011-11-15 19:40 UnsoundSociety
Horrible app!!!!! Free version is waaaay better
2011-11-16 05:04 Player083300502
Waaaasste of money
2011-11-04 17:40 Player302141987
Worst app to buy don't waste your money.
2011-11-05 07:22 verbalCraig
Is too slow and the same like internet that mean is sucks
2011-11-05 18:45 charlygt987
Shitty *** app! Will not let you check in! Uhhhh delete!
2011-11-06 01:57 Player827695813
THE WORST F***ING APP OF ALL TIME!!! Too slow...The whole things poorly made android and iphones app are better and faster!:"P
2011-11-07 10:32 Player623451961
Worked good for a short time, now won't work at all
2011-11-07 19:20 Player647083194
Sucks. Waste of money
2011-11-08 01:32 Player298509800
Works great then dies.
This app worked great then just stopped working. The should really come up with a update to fix or give the people there money back.
2011-11-08 08:04 Player860402058
This app *** me off!! It freezes everytime I try to do anything! Fix it! Its driving me crazy!
2011-11-09 13:54 Player001493053
this sucks! boots me out everytime. and u have to keep loggin in everytime.
2011-11-09 18:30 Player393689067
2011-11-10 02:30 donjuanleboeuf
L c....this app sucks, I hate I purchased it. I'm not able yo update my status & it always go back to the reg. site instead of the mobile site
2011-11-10 09:42 Player599728212
This app sucks! It DOES NOT work. Period.
2011-10-29 16:28 Player825025826
Free version so much better
2011-10-30 19:18 korylatzke
2011-10-31 22:45 Player222277044
Waste of time
2011-11-02 16:12 Player230694691
Sucks ***
2011-11-04 00:32 MTARR
2011-10-25 02:20 Player606040918
It doesn't work
2011-10-27 22:00 Player850523217
It was okay until it stopped functioning.
2011-10-28 16:03 Gump777
A lot of issues. When typing the qwerty keyboard covers the box for writing. I was unable to like or comment messages on the newsfeed or on someones page. App is fast. Love the look. But I think the developer needs to use this and see where my frustrations come from. I'll still be using the internet or Facebook app until this app updates to standard user satisfaction
2011-09-05 05:16 ObnoxiousWays
Horrible...when is someone gonna come out wit a excellent fb app...1effin star all the same
2011-09-05 07:30 REBEL INSURGENT
A lot of issues. Remove that app!
2011-09-05 10:17 Tys0211
2011-09-06 00:04 meoconcon
Not worth the money spent. Can't go to home page. Keep getting stuck on the privacy page. All it does is links you to the web page. Get the free version
2011-09-08 13:13 MidSpring1
I got ot for free sucks slowly cause its slow.
2011-09-08 19:23 UMER25
2011-09-11 03:43 Player384931409
Wowwwww this sucks. Like every app on windows phone
2011-09-17 20:59 Player669875528
2011-09-19 02:12 teesarogney2121
Great app
2011-09-24 01:42 BalancingPuppet
CAN'T update my status at all for some reason.. Would be good if that was fixed.. Oh && it's kind of slow -_-
2011-09-26 06:08 LatinaBarbie951
Its alright *** up thing is that when you're seeing your suggested friends and you try to go back you end up from the beginning
2011-09-28 13:30 DaProblematic21
Works pretty good although I can't pin it to my star screen.
2011-09-29 17:15 Player170283012
2011-09-30 01:40 Player897267090
Just Mobil fb w/cute menu page.... Not worth paying for
2011-10-03 06:17 Buddycat65
It is a pretty good app the only thing u don't like is that there is A LOT of loading but other then that it is better then the free Facebook app
2011-10-05 23:57 Player799525752
Its a step up from the free one and close to the iPhone n Android app but still biggest problem you can't see who's online n view there walls
2011-10-06 23:00 superfreak97
This app is kinda pointless to download. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with it but it is exactly like Facebook mobile. It just has a cute menu screen.
2011-10-08 12:15 SipiWest
You guys SUCK!! I never should've gotten this windows phone!! Sucky!!!
2011-10-12 05:00 Player553829950
GREAT app!!
2011-10-12 20:42 mateuszlewko
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