Twitter بالعربي (Lite)

Use Twitter in Arabic

  • Developed by DashSoft Solutions ** This is a Ads supported version. Please search for "Arabic twitter" for the full version. This is the only twitter client that supports Arabic tweets display. with complete twitter features like: * Timeline * Favorite Tweets * Mentions * Search * Trends and many are coming in next releases (updates)
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  • 2011-08-24 06:49
  • 2012-04-28 00:11
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Program no working
2012-05-16 13:51 hameed100
Uninstall. I installed free Arabic keyboard with copy/paste into normal twitter.
2012-02-22 05:31 Player598901743
2012-01-13 16:15 abuaban
You can buy the full version with Arabic Keyboard
2011-12-12 18:03 remonzh
New twitter client update makes it read Arabic. If this one doesn't have Arabic keyboard then it's useless.
2011-11-16 17:31 ShadyElAsra
Crashes! , should pass a quality assurance.. :( disappointed
2011-11-17 22:32 AbuS3ood
This is awesome
2011-11-04 18:14 assaf511
Thanks alot really nice app for Arabic users....
2011-11-01 05:07 Alfaify
Very good work to us (Arab) And I hope to get another app like you did in Facebook and if you can to add Arabic keyboard to this & Facebook بالعربي .
2011-08-28 19:52 mohageer
It reads Arabic alright. But it is missing Arabic keyboard and has some performance issues. Also missing a lot of settings that are available in other clients. Please continue working on this. Great effort. Thank you.
2011-09-05 02:37 ShadyElAsra
Thanks a lot. This is very useful. But it needs work on exceptions that bumps very often and also it is slower than a normal twitter client. I would like to see functionalities such as a quote and a reply instead of a retweet. Also, looking up followers when writing a tweet.
2011-09-19 05:02 HomerYL
Great application .. Well done and thanks for your effort :) i hope you keep updating it with more functions :P you can add me as beta tester if you want .. Thx :)
2011-09-28 18:47 IceCrush
2011-10-17 11:28 AbOzEeD
Thanks alot really nice app for Arabic users....
2011-10-24 00:43 Alfaify
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