Sports & recreation


Chickens Soccer

Chicken soccer is a colorful fast paced soccer game. It’s easy to learn and deep as you have to find the best trajectories, even using rebound, to avoid or repel the opponent and to score goals. As well as tournament and championship, you also... more

By The Wild Games


Open Shot 3D

OPEN SHOT 3D: Enjoy a new way to play basketball on your windows phone,With Advanced 3D Graphics,Physics,and full 3D Player movement. As the player you have full control of where you want to shoot your shot, so in other words you can shoot your... more

By Dream Play Studios


FreeBasketball Shots

Developed by Mohammad Abu-Alsheikh Who says you can only play basketball with a basketball ball? basketball shots, it’s a race against the clock to sink as many baskets as you can. HOW TO PLAY Score as many points as possible during the... more

By Yalla Apps


FreeFireworks Alchemist

Design and create beautiful fireworks shows! Choose your favourite ingredients to compose any firework you can imagine. Innovative and powerful crafting system allows you to create over 12 MILION different fireworks! Amaze friends with your... more

By Level Up!


Angry FootBaller

The angry footballer shoots at the cruel coach who has sent him out of the team. This game will get levels added by the start of every month. The demo version is available, but will have just a single level(First level). The rest of the levels and... more

By almaniac


Corrosive Ring

CORROSSIVE RING, witch is a leisure game based on WindowsPhone7. In the game, a large number of rings falling down to the sea constantly, when they reach the bottom of the sea you could control the bubble to eject by clicking the screen. Your task... more



FreeSportsStar Lite

SportsStar Lite by Pixel Druids Studios is a match 3 game with its Sports fun theme. This game is casual enough that you can play while watching your favorite Game , but is challenging enough that you may lose your head if you don’t watch out. more

By Pixeldruids Studios Private Limited


Sport Quiz

You think you know all about sport? Than show it! The questions include soccer, football, tennis, formula 1, chess, basketball, boxing, olympics. Right now there are 500 questions. More questions will be added as soon as possible. You can play in... more

By burn3r


Chicken v Sheep Mega Darts

A classic farmyard shootout where chickens are faced against their arch rivals, the sheep, in a traditional game of darts. Fling you chick or sheep at the board to score, and hear their merry cry as they stick beak/head in. All in good fun, all... more

By Smart Bean


FreeGood Fishing

Fishing game? Diaoyu Islands are China's. more

By aoin