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My Passwords

Safely carry all your usernames and passwords on your phone. All your data is securely encrypted and accessible only using your master password. Intuitive user interface combined with robust, polished feel makes this app a breeze to use. Features... more

By Ostrich in Jeans


Error Codes

Error Codes is the ultimate application for software business. As a software user quickly access the meaning of error you are getting from the application. As a software developer, find the error codes whether you are in a meeting or in a customer... more

By inventor



Search for Apps and Music in the MarketPlace HUBS directly from your start menu, no need to fire up MarketPlace wait for it to load and then search. Faster and more convinient, just pin to your start menu and your good to go. more

By EdgeWay Software



Refinder makes it easy for you to remember where you left an item or what's in your attic. We've all had moments where we're looking for something and can't remember if we left it in the garage, the attic or lent it to a friend. With Refinder, you... more

By JivTech


Ohms Law Calculator

Ohms Law is the set of formulas in which all electrical calculations are performed. A necessary set of formulas used daily by Electricians, Engineers and circuit board designers. This Application quickly finds the results of Volts, Amps, Watts and... more

By Cruisechef


MOTP Manager

Mobile One-Time Passwords are a strong two factor time based form of authentication. This application allows you to manage multiple profiles with different secret key values and pin numbers. The email key feature allows you to communicate your... more

By SW Systems Ltd


FreeTF2 Backpack

View you or your friends TF2 backpack! more

By Maxwell Swadling


FreeDevice Info

Simple application to display all the device specific information available on your phone. Includes ability to email information to any address. Useful for developers and users alike. more



Scientific Calculator

Easy Motto brings you an easy to use scientific calculator that has been tested for accuracy. A full range of capabilities make this app a great value. Mathematical expressions are entered in human readable format. Functionality includes the use... more

By Easy Motto Corporation


FreeUltimate Search

• The Ultimate Search is a web search application which extends your searching experience. • Based on the most-used Google and YouTube search engines and more to come. • Simultaneous search over the web, videos, images, news, books and... more

By Alixide