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FreeWindows Phone 7 Demo App

The Windows Phone 7 demo app is a high level tour of the phone, showing you how to get to everything you love, easier and faster. The demo includes: a quick tour of the People Hub, Email + Calendar, Bing Search, Internet Explorer Mobile, Office... more

By PartnerPedia Solutions Inc.



ConvertIt is a finger friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily convert over 250 commonly used units into its other family of units. Heres how it works : select a category, select a unit, enter amount and hit convert. Convert... more

By EdgeWay Software



If calculating tips after a meal is giving you heartburn, then let Tiplet do the work for you. Enter the billed amount and you are ready to go. Tiplet calculates the tip and total amount based on a standard tip of 15%. If you'd like to change the... more

By My Software Inventions


Dice Shaker

Did you ever want to play a board game but could not find the dice? Are you playing your board game on a glass table and having difficulties with rolling the dice? The dice shaker is a simple and easy to use application that simulates a dice throw... more



tip calculator

Simple tip calculator designed for everyday use. Just enter the bill amount and the tip percent to get useful information like total tip and total bill amount. Also includes ability to split checks between people. Version 2 improves UI and is... more



FreeInfoSoglie 3

Info Soglie permette di conoscere gratuitamente le soglie residue di traffico in abbonamento per i profili ZeroTop, Power PRO e PRO. Non è più necessario chiamare il numero predisposto al servizio e/o controllare sul profilo online. more

By Roberto Freato


PC Connector

PcConnector allows remote access to any pc. Download/Upload files remotely. Email files from your computer. Pause/Resume multiple downloads from your pc and the web. more



Unit Conversion

International travelers, engineers, and students will save time and easily convert measurements with this highly usable unit converter. Other conversion utilities make you wade through long lists to find the categories and units you care about,... more

By Elegant Applications


World Clock

Family, best friends and some people you love live in another city or country. And these questions always bother you: - What's the time there? - When will he/she wake up so I can give a call since it is still mid-night there? - Can I save calling... more

By Hongtao Bai