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FreeKey Hole Finder

Ever had trouble finding the Key Hole on a door? Ever tried for ages to fit the key into the lock? This little tool helps you by turning the device's screen bright white so you can easily spot the destination of your key. more

By Oliver Ulm


Tasks by EGL

With 'Tasks by EGL' we have tried to create the task application that would have been included in WP7. It allows you to enter task information, change status and mark items as completed. In addition, all tasks are sorted by priority... more

By Eclipse Global Logistics


FreeScreen Check

This application helps you to check your screen for dead and hot pixels. Is your screen defective? Find this out now! Change images by tapping on the screen or turn on timer to auto change. more

By Digital Cloud Technologies


Tapping Counter

The must have tool if you have to count! Just tap the display to increase the counter! more

By d.i.m. IT


RGB Colors

RGB Colors allows you to easily check RGB color values. Three sliders, red, green and blue allow you to visualize every RGB color, including the hexadecimal color code. more

By d.i.m. IT


Analog Clock

An old skool analog clock for your windows phone. more

By d.i.m. IT


Finger Spin Paint

Finger Spin Paint provides you a unique finger paint experience on your windows phone. You paint on a spinning disk, so not only your fingers are moving, the surface you are painting on is also moving. If you just hold your finger on one place,... more

By d.i.m. IT


Mon Amour

Mon amour est une application qui va vous permettre d'appeler votre petit(e) ami(e), où de lui envoyer des messages grâce à un raccourci. Pour cela, choisissez un numéro en cliquant sur le coeur. Puis lorsque vous lancerez l'application, vous... more

By aceo


Binary Clock

Binary Clock is the must have app for every geeck!!! A clock displayed in binary format, including hours, minutes and seconds. more

By d.i.m. IT


FreeSite Down

Ever tried to visit a website only to find that you can't get to it, but you're not sure if it's just your internet connection or if the site is really down? Site Down will check whatever website you want from our data center to check if a... more

By CodeSanity