Touch Type

Finger Touch Typing

  • Developed by Nour El-Dien Hussein Application lets you write without the typical keyboard. Just use your finger. It is an easy touch-typing way. This is the first application to introduce touch typing for windows phone 7. After writing your text, you can • Save it as new e-mail or message. • Search Bing or Marketplace. • Navigate to a web address. • Add new contact number. • Fast dialing a number. • Save as contact e-mail. • Save it as a contact e-mail address. Not just writing text with lower case and upper case but also numbers. There are intuitive dedicated gestures to facilitate the text processing. With promise to keep you updated with more features and improvements in the next versions.
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  • 2011-06-07 07:15
  • 2011-06-08 00:10
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Would be wonderful if what you write actually showed up. I tried doing an uppercase H and got two 'i', a 'f', and a 'l'. Wouldn't register me writing the whole word and sometimes doesn't even register me writing one letter.
2011-06-07 16:27 peaceandwar0708
It will be great if it works, 80%of the time it doesn't recognise the character.
2011-06-08 05:43 Tunisiano2132
This sucks. So bad..does not work. DO NOT INSTALL!
2011-06-08 07:34 Player641255376
Hard to use with the keyboard popping up. Hopefully it will improve quickly. Great concept.
2011-06-08 15:00 Bofett
2011-06-08 21:54 vieSuisse
Didn't recognize most of my writing.
2011-06-10 18:30 tsyoo
I really couldn't get it to understand most of my letters...
2011-06-10 22:09 BoomerLater
The app doesn't even recognize its own silly way of writing.
2011-06-12 18:11 Horrific Wonder
2011-06-13 15:15 silencer killz
2011-06-19 01:19 Player336163500
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