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  • Need to call someone in another country but not sure of the time difference? Or just curious what the time is half way across the globe? Keep track of the time in multiple cities around the world with World Clock. Quickly and easily search for your favorite cities and maintain a list for immediate reference. Stop guessing and know the time!
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  • 2010-10-20 00:00
  • 2011-01-04 20:52
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Nice little app. One idea would be to place the first location as a live title for pinning on the start list.
2010-11-06 07:46 arbnknight
Cool App :-D
2010-11-04 18:21 arcturien
Nice app. Does the job.
2010-11-02 02:04 ChordTheSeeker
Easy to use, no complaints
2010-10-28 05:23 Wwq222
A pretty handy tool to keep track on time in different city/country. Allow to change order is a plus.
2010-10-27 18:05 JoshTs
Nicely done!
2010-10-27 17:11 bpaliswiat
Nice little app!
2010-10-24 15:50 Jerich0
Like it, crisp and clean. I wish it would support landscape mode.
2010-11-09 14:27 mtrapnell
Passable but slow to start. Also, the interface to reorder the list needs some work. Still, it does the job and it's free.
2010-11-10 01:09 AmbassadorLogos
Does what it says on a single screen. Very nice
2010-11-09 22:31 MyMilez
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