Assault Rifles

  • Update: 2.2 Added small features and fixed bugs. Added more precise tile images. Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to know the caliber of an An-94, Ak-74, or maybe an M-16? How about the date it was made? With this app you’ll have access to various Russian/United States Assault Rifles. You can pan and zoom on every Assault Rifle. Zoom in and see exactly how the SCAR was made. Every Rifle is in HD quality. Zoom in with no restrictions, no lag, and best of all you can listen to the real live gunfire from these rifles. This app loads very fast and all Images/audio are HD. This app will be updated in the near future to include European Rifles.
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  • 2011-06-22 20:09
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Not bad but would like to see more from some of the more exotic manufacturers like FNH and Vector for example.
2011-11-26 15:58 Player152549466
Nice pictures but not enough info or history on each weapon.
2011-09-17 02:16 NLLArch
Nice app.
2011-07-28 18:11 RuskieSpets
Nice app.
2011-06-23 23:24 RuskieSpets
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