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Fortune Cookie... Yum..

  • As confucius says, "Life is very simple, but we insist on making if complicated." Fortune Cookie from Wicked Wolf Apps, aims to keep that simple balance in your life with the ultimate Fortune Cookie for your Windows phone! None of the boring repeat sayings here, we sifted through thousands of real Fortune Cookie sayings to bring you the very best in Fortune Cookie fourtunes. Take a crack today and see what the Fortune Cookie has to say to You! NEW FEATURES: - Share your fortune on Facebook. FEATURES: - Hundreds and hundreds of actual Fortune Cookie fortunes -High resolution sound and animated Cookie cracking action -Six unique, randomly generated lucky numbers with every fortune. Will Fortune Cookie make you the next lucky winner? This is the ultimate app for your daily dose of Fortune!!
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  • Wicked Wolf Apps LLC - Carlo Rivera
  • 2011-01-19 14:32
  • 2011-12-15 23:48
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Opens but won't load and shuts off.
2011-10-28 19:08 Player070638025
2011-10-22 03:04 jembutnurut
2011-10-25 08:55 CosmicPit452
This is creepy
2011-10-14 05:16 Player289636958
Its good
2011-09-29 20:05 steakyorange
2011-09-19 06:21 vintagedaisy
Go hard I never get cut
2011-08-25 05:20 Player033187276
So far, it has never been wrong about my fortune
2011-08-20 00:42 MIYOvsTheWorld
Good application but cannot download to facebook
2011-08-09 13:36 AbbySIva
2011-07-26 14:14 tientrau
Who doesnt like cookies? Plus, this sometimes can predict meh future O_O
2011-07-19 02:08 ethan1413
Who doesnt like cookies?
2011-07-16 22:31 ethan1413
2011-05-18 04:19 Player448557167
2011-06-01 00:46 TheOtherJulie
No complaints I love it....very animated tooo cute.... I just love it!!!!! =)
2011-06-04 04:34 Player137636818
Its cool and fun :) not point but fun when your bored or need some advice :)
2011-06-14 04:46 cwhitehead
Fun thing to do when your bored or just want some inspiration/motivation for your day. And come on, who doesn't love a good fortune cookie :)
2011-06-28 21:39 Oblivian9392
It's defiantly an app worth downloading, pretty inspirational if I do say so my self :)
2011-07-08 09:16 WonderBread559
Always friends love it to
2011-07-13 02:55 Player064463052
I love this app! Everything is says is true and it never repeats itself!!
2011-04-30 14:42 punkinsaurous
2011-04-22 03:12 mezaanimal1966
It is ok
2011-04-15 02:01 yodogs55
2011-04-12 22:28 Player774286805
2011-04-11 06:25 mezaanimal1966
Share Options Would be AWEsome!
2011-03-19 02:53 affinityrx
2011-03-19 18:52 Player944207510
2011-03-15 20:01 CxRx84
2011-03-16 14:28 Player462521451
Eh. Not that great.
2011-03-13 22:32 Player196685171
2011-03-03 21:09 mbentley00
It is a good app. Gets old quickly!
2011-02-28 19:48 ChasedStudent71
This a cool app I recommend
2011-02-24 13:01 AIR JoRdAn2381
After 5 times you ask why?
Cool for the first few times but then it doesn't do much good except for the kids. But it is my phone and I don't want them shaking it and dropping it and poking at it. Suggest a good horiscope app instead.
2011-02-10 22:37 kennnyo1
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2011-01-19 17:42 The Cubano
2011-01-21 20:12 nonas99
2011-01-22 23:54 mezaanimal1966
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