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  • A simple non-automatic (!) counter to get an overview how many messages the user have sent or how many minutes the user have talked during a specific period of time. Everything one has to do is increasing the counter by hand after sending a message or taking a phone call. It is very easy to reset the counter after a while. UPDATE: v 1.1: - added minute counter - fixed information screen text bug
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  • 2010-12-07 22:07
  • 2012-04-09 04:53
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What a worthless piece of s&%$t. Why the heck would they think that we would keep track of our own messages. Apps are supposed to be here to make things easier. To take a load off. This does the exact opposite. Garbage
2011-11-29 05:13 aubz99
Pointless app. You're better off with a pencil and piece of paper.
2011-06-12 22:24 SharkysMom
USELESS!! Need an automatic counter!
2011-03-23 07:54 TrueBabyGirl92
Made the same assumption it would be automatic... Lame :/
2011-02-25 08:20 xGeiSha21x
Useless we need an automatic counter!
2011-02-15 17:27 Player803717507
2011-01-09 16:43 brittnee smith
I realize its manual but this does little to help can't go into app after every few texts to increase the counter.
2011-01-04 00:35 Wild Typhoon 87
I thought it could help me count automatically... But... Useless. =[
2010-12-13 17:59 Player090601122
Man this is an epic fail
2010-12-14 05:04 Dub Holiday
You would have to re-open the app every time you wanted to count it. Not very good
2010-12-12 07:41 concon5
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