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  • One of the most useful app on Windows Phone is now available as a lite and limited version fro Windows Phone MANGO! Simplify your everyday life with MyThings (lite) for Windows Phone 7. The simplest and must have to-do-list application on Windows Phone 7 has been developed to help you store, remember, share, localize and do your personal and professional tasks easily and with pleasure. Get MyThings lite for FREE, use it and you will understand how MyThings will help you save time in your everyday life! Brand new features: - New design - App live tile (pin app on your phone screen) - Import tasks from Windows Phone calendars (up to 5) MyThings LITE - Main features : - Add task/meetings schedule - Fully supporting offline & online modes. No need to have an internet connection to access your tasks and info while moving - Possibility to add time to tasks - Delays are displayed along with tasks info - Need to create a MyThings account to backup your tasks online and register the app. - Full user account management included in the app. - Task synchronization/backup on the Cloud to get them back if you lose them! - Possibility to add tasks without date. - Possibility to do search among existing tasks - Possibility to do a quick task add (one click to add a task) - Full task management per project or category - Map associated to a specific task with address and your location - SMS & Email task sharing You may also get MyThings (v3.0) including more advanced features, live tiles and notifications. Also MyThings (lite) is limited to 5 tasks that you can have at the same time within the app. MyThings is already used by thausands users worldwide. We do appreciate your feedbacks : [email protected], also don't hesitate to review the app! Sebastien.
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Mickey mouse!
2012-10-22 12:10 Player452108140
2012-07-03 00:25 Orni Sikhaya
Rat tot...hy vong *** tro vietnamese
2012-03-13 17:01 fanmu19
2011-12-03 17:45 NickyV81
Great app helps me a great deal... =)
2011-08-23 16:35 Player096295409
Wish this was free! Awesome app
2011-07-15 02:59 Player953152885
Good app, but it laggs a bit between screens and scrolling.
2011-06-01 18:16 CandidParadis
Wonderful app. Makes saving tasks online and offline a breeze. If you could do without live tiles and notifications, lite is awesome.
2011-06-11 15:51 classyvenky
2011-06-19 10:11 Player237800126
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