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  • Developed by DMSResearch What is Password Organizer and how it is useful for you? With the internet exponential growth several services have come into play for common internet users like free emails websites, social networking websites and other online services. Hence, you always have a need to memorize your account id and password for each of the account either offline or online you need to save your credentials whether is it official or personal. For example: When you open the computer When you check your emails When you login to your blog When you check your online bank statement When you use the FTP server of your website Hosting account Remote server Etc, etc.…. It’s not easy to memorize all IDs and Passwords. We introduce Password Organizer. Key Features of Password Organizer are: 1. Easy to use. 2. You can manage your passwords in different password catalogs. 3. You can add new password catalogs any time. 4. You can add, edit and delete any password catalog account. 5. You can change PIN code 6. You can change password 7. You can reset your application in no time. How this Tool is useful for you 1. Its Secure and safe because all data protected by a PIN code and password 2. It will save your all data in your mobile application storage. 3. It is hassle-free application because it can be used easily without any internet connection 4. All your passwords are encrypted (SHA 160bit encryption). 5. Your Windows Phone is always with you, and you can check your passwords at any time.
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Awesome app to recall our passwords
2012-07-06 09:20 HeardChief63767
Only got four because there is no back up but other than that good app
2012-05-30 01:21 Az TeRr0R
Only got four because there is no back up but other than that good app
2012-05-30 01:21 Player228223559
I'm only giving this a3 its so confusing to find ur password. But I'm keeping it
2012-05-08 02:25 Player593847746
2012-04-10 23:21 Player853573234
Good product Easy to use
2011-12-17 09:21 Player854792974
2012-01-02 17:46 mouav6
They steal all your info
2012-02-09 02:41 fish1ng1nthasky
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