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  • New in version 4.5- -fixed emailing recordings -various minor bug fixes Pocket Recorder™ Sound + Recording Hub transforms your Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged sound recording and editing tool. It is designed to allow you to quickly record, process, and sync items in an easy to use manner. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 “mango” we have added extensive integration of your recordings into your overall phone experience. You can now create ringtones from your recordings, pin them as tiles to your start menu, treat you recordings like tasks (complete with alarms), and many more features. Some key features include: - Convert recordings into Ringtones - Create dedicated task recordings - Create Geocoded recordings - Add recordings to your photos - Alarms - Custom Tiles and Tile updating - Simplification of Syncing (the syncing process has been drastically simplified) - Recording editing (including appending and prepending) - Support for multi-tasking - Syncing to your computer over USB using SyncServer (http://www.xochl.com) - In place lossless trimming - Conversion of files to compressed wma format - Cut and paste support - SoundScan™, a feature that helps you find recordings by playing 10 seconds of each file in your library. - Dim lights while recording, clear the screen of all UI elements and reduce the processing footprint to as little as possible (no visualizations will be run) thus reducing the amount of battery life you consume while recording. The screen lights are also dimmed so that less power is used while running. - Custom Aliases -create your own custom aliases and categorizations for naming future recordings that you create. For details on how to use Voice Recorder and details on how to install SyncServer please visit www.xochl.com.
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  • 2011-03-03 00:01
  • 2012-05-02 17:21
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For some reason when I download it said free version?
2011-10-08 04:38 MiracleManRosas
2011-10-09 15:52 devildog4904
I have this pos trophy by HTC and was hoping I could get ringtones with this app but it did not load up like the pics showed.
2011-10-18 14:01 sweet trouble67
2011-10-18 23:53 SteadyMobbin19
2011-10-20 07:56 SON OF THE GUN8
Really annoyed because I got it to make ringtones and can't I paid for it but it says free next to it
2011-10-30 02:31 mbro0726
How do I put as my ring tones
2011-11-02 18:24 christina1356
App is great...but files won't save anywhere but the app. The failure of some mystery program called syncserver (that you have to download to your computer in addition to the app)makes it impossible to upload or transfer any recordings to any other device or storage bank.
2011-11-03 22:09 marandastewart3
What it sets out to do, it does well. :)
2011-11-05 05:16 Player233941157
2011-11-06 16:38 ChiefBland3693
Cannot record a call.
2011-11-10 17:45 Player802376332
Its ok so I gave a 4
2011-11-13 19:43 Player044363937
I can't figure out how to make something into a ringtone! Its so frustrating!!
2011-11-14 01:07 Drummer Girl2
2011-11-14 01:24 kalake1ninja
Purrdy neat!
2011-11-14 02:15 Player458398356
Worked awesome until it crashed
2011-11-15 07:21 fosterboyzKU
The bomb !
2011-11-23 03:35 StruckLikeaboss
It works alright...sometimes it butchers thenrecordings though...very annoying.
2011-11-23 23:08 Player559450645
2011-11-24 05:13 Player575259728
Love thisss
2011-11-24 20:42 Player843254681
I hated it which is not good I really need a recorder and its just not working I want to talk to the creater of this horrid application:[
2011-11-26 03:07 Player097429335
2011-11-28 23:49 Player411172495
2011-11-29 05:00 SeriousJaywiz
2011-11-29 13:54 Player223771239
I love this its perfect for leaving notes and now I won't walk into a room and forget what im there for lol
2011-11-30 23:53 str4y4life
This is just OUTSTANDING! 5 Thumbs up! ¥€$ this is what you want!
2011-12-01 03:39 BelieveRhyla
I love this app... Great
2011-12-01 22:43 Player644735793
It ok
2011-12-02 01:27 AWESoME GUY532
2011-12-06 22:39 socceman10
2011-12-08 03:14 julissa trejo
Type whack
2011-12-17 22:00 Player666397907
2011-12-19 05:55 RhapsodicSoup21
Very simple app but does the job good
2011-12-20 21:29 Player571971652
This thing is SO hard to use!!!
2011-12-22 20:07 Player308611690
Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid low volume SHUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTUPPPPPPHONEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*!!!!
2011-12-25 23:20 Player853350688
This thing sucks
2011-12-26 19:50 Elijah1204
Its clear n pick up everything ... N unlimited timing I love it
2011-12-31 23:18 Player577142410
This is a bad app.
2012-01-01 05:13 Player263904034
2012-01-03 04:03 namrfnation1321
I dont like it i couldn't send as text :(
2012-01-04 06:51 Player780805250
2012-01-06 22:08 Player410312999
I want to record my own ringtones and according to the screenshots u can but not in the app!!! *Uninstalling
2012-01-07 02:28 Player968343746
kept crashing..
2012-01-10 01:50 wyattlewis
Its ok
2012-01-11 21:26 Player250476630
2012-01-14 07:05 creepythaly
Love it
2012-01-14 18:57 NiKGa IM Faded0
2012-01-23 16:00 Player904949615
Not so good
2012-01-27 18:27 Player494955700
2012-01-28 03:03 Player221590578
Really good but cant figure out how to set as my ringtone!
2012-01-28 16:32 Player627211096
Freezes everytime
2012-01-29 14:04 lickmyNooney
The sound is great I jus wish I didn't have to monitor it cuz it cuts off in the middle of the recording
2012-01-30 05:45 joshuajdubb25
I like this app but it would be way better if you could send your recordings through text or email....with out sending the link thing....mabe there is a way but i missed it..haha...but other than that i like it.....
2012-01-30 19:28 price000
2012-01-30 22:08 Player595185529
This did not work as I thought it would, and would not do as I needed it to. (ha that rhymes!) Anyway I am a clarinet, piano, and oboe player. I write music, and record. I got a new phone and downloaded this app. But it did not do what it needed it to.
2012-01-31 01:52 Player129244639
2012-02-04 15:11 DHPmommy
This app is one of my favs. It makes note taking so easy. Helps me not forget things.
2012-02-14 19:11 terrafirmafoxx
2012-02-15 16:36 Player502288551
2012-02-16 04:33 Player341155841
2012-02-29 03:21 creazyshark
Love it
2012-03-01 00:49 greggeez92
Sick app
2012-03-07 17:44 madisondrama
2012-03-08 19:42 Player236434677
2012-03-14 22:24 angel00tears00
great voice recorder! clear recording
2012-03-19 19:26 y0swa
Why cant i make the recording my ringtone
2012-03-20 07:28 Player651309278
Garbage keeps having CATACLYSMIC FAILURE
2012-03-21 03:35 Player582874829
2012-03-28 09:49 Player072664259
It's great.i like it,but don't record voice in calling.please repair in new version
2012-04-01 08:23 RAYANstorm
Dude not even one song could be recorded it broke 30sec into it
2012-04-04 18:11 Player421846051
Very good
2012-04-04 18:46 PsychicDock4
I Luv dis <3
2012-04-08 13:46 Skee Berry
Its a cool app
2012-04-08 22:29 mmmj04
Its an okay app not the best though
2012-04-11 01:13 Player954222390
This app won't work if you push one thing wronge I accidentally push sync and now I can't use it anymore =( I hate it
2012-04-18 04:37 Player066937526
Hassan Adan
2012-05-18 23:43 Player658565168
Constantly corrupted files, stops recording of phone goes to sleep
2012-06-01 20:06 Player649341189
=) great app
2012-06-28 03:54 Happy255
Waste of time dont download!
2012-07-17 08:20 Player485754417
2012-07-29 21:52 Player454361190
2012-09-16 10:42 Player145361468
It cool
2013-01-04 18:53 jordash2705
2013-01-17 21:52 pitty love
2012-08-09 13:43 KRE1704
Nice app but way to SLOW!!
2012-08-19 07:32 Only1Murph
Very good, takes care of tasks for the average individual!
2012-10-03 02:58 LONESHAWDOW
2012-08-02 22:11 Pacabol420
Just to record it required location & onerous information
2012-10-22 12:09 etfone
2012-10-22 13:25 GlitchyCrown
I found OneNote to be superior for what this offers. pocket Recorder was slow to launch and I could not easily find a way to get my recordings synced with SkyDrive. I recommend pinning an "Inbox" OneNote document to the homescreen and using its built in voice recording feature instead.
2012-10-22 15:23 adrian829
너무 좋아요
2012-10-22 16:18 MurkyFlipper0
My phone still shut off even with the settings in the app changed to avoid it locking, so I had to do it manually. Then 30 seconds into the recording it skipped super bad for the rest of the time. SUCKY.
2012-10-22 19:27 eMo DiNoSaWr XP
Can't record under lock screen so I missed most of my recording and can't sign in so I can't share. Plz fix asap!!
2012-10-22 19:42 PrettyIsPinky
2012-09-29 17:45 Player663138321
2012-09-30 00:07 Player389804287
2012-10-01 18:22 Player328214260
Horrible. Doesn't work right and error messages keep popping up saying can't play recordings on my phone... If not on my phone then where?
2012-10-02 04:19 Fallac10
Very good, takes care of tasks for the average individual!
2012-10-03 02:58 Player178766161
Sync !working
2012-10-04 15:33 Player864759629
sucks! all functions cannot be used...email, text, create ringtone. it doesnt let you log in nor register and it doesnt also let you copy to pc bcos it keeps saying you're not in sync with ur pc even if its already connected.
2012-09-06 19:00 DuchessAndMe
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