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  • Toasty lets you receive all of your important notifications and updates right on your wp7 device. Whether forwarded from your desktop via Growl for Windows or sent from websites via the Toasty API, you will be instantly notified whenever anything important happens. Toasty stores all of your notifications locally so you can search and view them even when you are offline. v1.7 adds the ability to copy notification text, default to either the Recent or History views, and bug fixes If you experience any issues at all using Toasty, please contact me at
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2012-09-25 04:15 MigratoryPants0
Extremely useful. Well worth the money, this developer needs our support.
2012-07-13 17:41 fatebeats
Does not work with growl for Mac. Only supports Windows.
2012-05-01 03:17 NooYork
Too bad it won't keep alert toast notifications from the phone's apps, such as traffic alerts, game alerts, weather alerts and video calls. same function but from the phone's apps. WP7 toast only notifies you once and when it's gone there's no way to know unless you decide to open the actual program.
2012-01-03 20:10 Cubansushi
Ok maybe I am stupid... But how do you create a new? I sent a test..but where and how do you set a new?
2011-07-10 13:42 Player227633031
Excellent support
Toasty fills an immediate need in the market for a WP7 notification handler. True, I would polish some of the aesthetics and UI flow, but for less than $3, I was up and running in no time. The API is simple and effective and supports custom notification icons. Notifo(iPhone) does this as well, but you are limited to a single custom icon. In the end, though, the five stars is for the support of the product. Let's face it, this is a developers' app and is going to generate questions. The publisher has provided fast turn-around and detailed responses to all of my inquiries. And who can argue with the natural appeal of a piece of flying toast?
2011-01-28 15:49 BbFacedFinster
Exactly what I needed. The only way this could be improved would be if it merged with prowl. Adding the extra notifications to my scripts is annoying.
2011-01-07 07:09 Uncle3nzo
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