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  • Update: April 2012: I have reduced the price to free for this application - currently it contains a few bugs and performance issues and I believe the price should reflect that. A new and better version will be out as soon as we can finish it :) Prior Information: Ever wanted to start a download yet nowhere near your PC? With Torrent Remote you can start your downloads anytime, anywhere. Torrent Remote is used to remotely connect to your PC through a uTorrent client. With Torrent Remote you can start, stop, pause, add, and delete torrents currently downloading on your pc. With Torrent Remote never miss a download again! *In order to use Torrent Remote a uTorrent client with web access and port forwarding is required. For more information on setting up Torrent Remote please visit Torrent Remote has been tested and is working with the following uTorrent builds - 2.0.4 - 2.2 (beta) - 3.0 (alpha)
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  • 2010-11-03 13:41
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2012-07-04 14:45 krum1974
Waste of money. Kicks me out each time
2011-01-10 22:46 BarryChon
Frequently freezes when updating and doesn't allow you to add torrents without reloading you favorites.
2010-11-22 01:07 pootedesu
Very nice, but has a couple bugs. It lists the wrong name of the torrent you're about to delete (though it does delete the correct torrent). I wasn't able to use some private torrent sites effectively. Overall, a decent app and probably the best torrent app thus far
2010-11-12 05:45 mittortz
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