Phone to pc file transfer

  • This application allows files on your pc to be copied to your phone memory, and files in your phone memory to be copied to a pc. This provides the ability to use your phone as portable memory storage device similar to a USB thumb drive. The wp7 transport service desktop application is required and must be running on your pc. Download (for free) at Please check out more apps by MDR Applications in the Marketplace.
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  • 2011-10-04 03:00
  • 2012-04-28 08:24
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2012-10-04 00:27 HBJ01
Didn't work. I tried a small file on the PC and it didn't copy over. The connection test was successful.
2012-06-03 00:26 DG Osborne
Sucks please. Remove so others don't waste there time.
2012-03-11 23:40 spr4u
When I installed software on PC, there were no instructions telling me what to do. Also, I believe this requires wireless on PC...I'm looking for an app I can use where I plug into PC w/ USB cable and transfer files
2012-02-12 03:06 Player440425609
Cool app
2012-02-12 23:55 Panda Ruff
Very creative. Turn off windows firewall to get it to work best.
2011-10-18 00:41 mjruffell
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