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  • Developed by Miljenko Jovic CroTune - Croatian tourist navigator is free tourist helper application. Crotune database contains more than 2000 tourist subjects and events located in Croatia. A perfect companion for your holiday. Our database is continuously updated with new informations, geo-data, price lists and events. You can browse subjects divided into categories at Categories tab, and divided by locations in Places Tab, search subjects and view detailed service information. Each Subject has short description, contact telephone number, mail, address, website, geo-location and price list. Geo-location enables you to view nearby subjects, distance to desired subject and preferred route. Service informations contain weather report, currency report, buss timetables, flight schedules, train schedules, ferry timetables, toll rates, event timetables and traffic conditions. If you want to plan your holiday from Crotune application you can add subjects to Favourites and have all your sites that you are planing to visit during your holiday. Application downloads from Application store without any data. When you start application for the first time we recommend wifi connection, application will download all data to your device. This process can take up to half an hour depending on speed of your internet connection. This way all data will be accessible in offline mode so you can use it even while roaming to avoid high data traffic. When abroad and connected to wifi, we recommend updating your data to get all the recent informations. This partial update takes much less time and data traffic. Crotune is continuously updated and we take care that you get newest information. Application is currently in beta phase, currently we are working on geo-locating all our subjects, so please check for updates frequently.
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