• Dinner? Movies? Friends? Shopping? Get Poynt and get there. Poynt is an award-winning local search app that lets you find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers and events near you whenever and wherever you need them. Poynt allows you to interact with your search through placing calls to businesses, mapping directions, viewing showtimes and movie trailers or reserving a table at a local restaurant. Movies – search by theater, movie, top 10 or genre; add theaters to favorites; sort by name or rating; view trailers; view Rotten Tomatoes rankings; add to calendar; send details to contacts; buy movie tickets Restaurants – Search by name, cuisine type or nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view website; view hours and prices; reserve a table Gas/Petrol Prices (US/CA/GB ONLY) – view best prices by grade or stations nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view station amenities; send details to contacts; Report updated petrol prices (GB) Events – search by category, venue, performer, event or nearby; get directions; send details to contacts; add events to calendar People – lookup by name or reverse lookup by phone number or address; click-to-call; get directions; send details to contacts Businesses – search by name; get directions; click to call; add details to contacts Offers (US ONLY)- Find Offers nearby or by keyword Poynt is free and available in India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and Germany Happy Poynting!
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This app has not been useful...it doesn't find things nearby as good as the native WP7 maps app.
2012-08-03 00:01 O Doyle ro0lz
2012-08-04 19:39 Player784107333
2012-08-01 12:01 sarahsofie
2012-02-05 10:22 tHa C0MeBackKid
Great app
2012-07-22 11:04 Player975436654
2012-07-22 22:45 Phasm86
2012-07-09 16:01 Player429380760
2012-07-03 13:11 CommanderLock
2012-06-18 14:57 Player281698085
Great app. Had it on BlackBerry and Android. Glad Windows got it right
2012-05-03 05:26 PinTagYourIt
Everything in one app. Movies, restaurants, gas, deals. I love it!
2012-05-23 01:50 The Earp Family
This app has everything. Not bad! :)
2012-05-27 08:14 Player658065118
Great Application, like 5 Apps in one, best of all it's Free. Thanks
2012-05-28 00:38 Player078175655
2012-05-28 09:51 Nijo Lawrence
Love it! Pinned it!
2012-05-29 02:47 FreeDCP
Does not work in your location. (Brazil)
2012-05-29 10:19 CenoraSmith
Thanks for the app. Very useful. Would be great to add faster loading and themed weather tile.
2012-05-14 23:35 realnima
2012-05-15 04:23 MEERkatflex
2012-05-16 18:03 Karthik vyasa
2012-05-19 01:23 bunkurz
Very effective when in a new area or trying to find something new in your own backyard. Love the gas feature.
2012-05-11 01:21 Barabel 10
Best app ever
2012-05-01 03:18 HoangN01
Great app. Had it on BlackBerry and Android. Glad Windows got it right
2012-05-03 05:26 Player037215608
2012-04-21 16:12 jeannylam09
2012-04-21 19:36 amol kumar
Pretty much a must-have, combines a few useful features into one app
2012-04-23 04:40 Taytaytnk
:-D easy than 123
2012-04-12 21:45 Anh3beo
2012-04-02 00:26 SumitZoon
haven't found one wp7 app that works good yet. mapping on this is horribly inaccurate.,
2012-04-03 04:48 r7a
Some bugs here and there, a little on the slow responsive side.
2012-04-08 05:25 N PAIN 14
Lifesaver! Indispensable app
2012-03-23 21:34 hifimike09
Repeats some restaurants in the listings. Needs to get more listings before hitting 'more'
2012-03-24 23:17 abukres
Works much faster after update on Focus! Thx
2012-03-25 16:00 priyabhi
Don't work in Brazil
2011-11-15 20:17 O Pai do Felipe
I love this app, however I don't like how your able to search someone's name and there address pops up; seriously?? As if stalkers or murderers don't exist!!
2012-03-15 14:33 Player134696038
Search by cuisine is great. Reviews integration needed.
2012-03-16 14:42 Amit Jaya
Great app, very light and fast... I'm NOT dissapointed.
2012-03-17 04:44 Sam7delta
When it worked, it was my "go to app". it stopped working a couple weeks ago and has not been updated, UPDATE: I'm very glad to see the app is working again. Very happy to have it pinned to my start screen again.
2012-03-17 12:33 Falso Reality
Didn't work for my Nokia 710
2012-03-17 16:14 TunefulSky8371
I'm bringing it down from 5 to 2 starts in hopes that the dev will see this. One of my favorite apps (HTC Titan) but it has begun to hang. Another person here said it works now, buy that isn't the case. For example, if I want to look at the weather forecast, app will hang. Will bring it up to 5 stars again when this app works as it used to.
2012-03-19 17:28 LodgedCanine3
After update it stopped working on my HTC W7 phone. UPDATE: Works now but I'm in the U.S. Weather app is Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. Uninstall AGAIN.
2012-03-20 11:44 Labellawear1973
Works great but the live tile seems to show metric even when the program is set to imperial
2012-03-22 00:53 Regent Caproni
One of the best apps on wp
2011-12-23 08:43 BVBxxRebel
Useful app
2011-12-26 21:01 Johnny6781
2012-01-15 23:38 AmySmith415
Locks up when looking for gas prices
2012-03-08 23:14 HanStrider
Stopped working....
2012-03-09 16:32 SriPavan
It only works in my hometown, and won't register in any other city, screw this app dont effin get it!
2012-03-10 05:27 jrud429
Not working anymore.
2012-03-10 16:51 sirlucien75
It was great but it stopped working. Please fix I need this app especially cuz windows phones dont have many options in terms of apps
2012-03-10 22:40 Player778645126
I'm giving two stars because it had stopped functioning. 5 star app when it works, but throwing the warning out that it is dysfunctional right now.
2012-03-11 02:21 thomre79
Not working. When it did, was a great app!
2012-03-11 15:24 Player180036050
Stopped working ... Disappointed
2012-03-11 16:17 Player726400824
App freeze all the time. Unusable.
2012-03-11 16:52 mbbelanger
This app used to work fantastic, but recently it just freezes. I wish local scout had something for movies, then I can uninstall this terrible app.
2012-03-11 18:11 sam v09
Esta aplicación últimamente se frisa de verdad k es una basura, debería darle un update, no se la recomiendo por ahora
2012-03-12 02:24 OvernightHarpy0
Great application, but when doing search off businesses it locks up. You can't even type in the search field.
2012-03-12 20:42 nagle3216
Works beautifully!
2012-03-12 21:31 Ashik Ravindran
Not worth the effort to download. YELP is considerably better.
2012-03-13 03:30 Player267320412
Quit working; just locks up now. Was great when it used to work.
2012-03-13 08:22 ishi da fishy
Latest version keeps crashing my phone! Long time fan, but I can't use it, if I can't use it!! (Dell Venue Pro, Win 7.5 mango)
2012-03-13 13:48 TerryRDunn
It worked great when I first got the app now it keeps freezing when I try and use it...so recap used to be really good now sucks ***
2012-03-13 19:54 RuDeDaWg3223
I try to keep with the native applications as much as possible, however I found Poynt to be more useful than Local Scout. I'll be travelling in a couple weeks, so I'll get to use this app with more scrutiny. The ability to add to contacts is a nice surprise. I prefer to have more real graphics and less "cartoony". And no ads! Edit: 3/14/2012 the app freezes since last update; stuck on obtaining GPS; then all of a sudden it works again; too inconsistent lately.
2012-03-14 19:55 fishheadsoup1
When it worked, it was my "go to app". However, it stopped working a couple weeks ago and has not been updated. No info about the problem on their website or on any forums that I know of. So I can only assume they don't know or don't care. Too bad, this WAS a great app. Anybody know of a good replacement?!"
2012-03-14 22:57 Falso Reality
This App has been updated and it works GREAT again!! Thank you!!
2012-03-15 03:12 Player187461133
I like this app because it's simple and covers alot of information. Seems to be very accurate, but it forgets setting?
2012-03-01 18:18 FlameFighter191
I love this app but can't search for businesses please help me is it my phone r what I got the windows radar phone
2012-02-22 12:02 Player486721911
I try to keep with the native applications as much as possible, however I found Poynt to be more useful than Local Scout. I'll be travelling in a couple weeks, so I'll get to use this app with more scrutiny. The ability to add to contacts is a nice surprise. I prefer to have more real graphics and less "cartoony". And no ads!
2012-02-16 01:46 fishheadsoup1
I love the amount of info u can get! No need for yellow pages :P
2012-02-17 13:45 stardust9898
2012-02-05 10:22 PaS KODAK
This app helps me a lot
2012-02-05 23:12 Feed me Lucas
Awesome app.
2012-02-05 23:34 Zee Man Nokia
Useful app
2012-02-07 23:10 Johnny6781
Great app replaced about 3 other apps
2012-02-04 07:20 Player972566360
Lists restaurants that have been closed for years.
2012-02-04 13:35 Player962101923
2011-12-31 13:48 Player531125231
I like this app because it's simple and covers alot of information. Seems to be very accurate.
2012-01-20 01:41 FlameFighter191
Very helpful. Far better than yellowpages
2012-01-21 20:07 OS16
Essential app
2011-12-13 19:03 TEXASGRIT102
2011-12-15 07:41 BenIOen
Very useful app. I wish there is an option to change the background to dark
2011-12-18 03:24 srifun
2011-12-21 19:10 xxDYxx
This is a very well put together app. If anyone out there is in need of a great map, GPS, scout , and just a good tool for traveling this is what you want.. :-)
2011-12-21 19:34 Mytwohandz77
Love this app :-D recommend it
2011-12-22 08:06 MootPage4909943
2011-12-22 12:16 Player846752461
Great app. Has the only weather live tile that works consistently. Puts weather only apps to shame.
2011-12-22 18:46 Nathan Cox Jr
One of the best apps on wp
2011-12-23 08:43 ruizfrancisco
easy to use!
2011-12-23 10:25 Stoup361
2011-12-24 06:10 Player556589862
2011-12-25 04:42 lisawongton
Useful app
2011-12-26 21:01 Player564217204
Awesome app! Very useful.
2011-12-27 05:27 Player787680840
Great but needs updating
2011-12-27 14:30 HazelRacer24188
2012-01-02 03:17 SlaminJunkie
Best all in one app. Get this and you don't need Flixter for movies, Gasbuddy, phonebook, etc. Better than Local Scout too.
2012-01-04 14:16 ER Blue
2012-01-05 02:47 xuanwang
Love this app! One of my favorite apps and I use it almost every day!
2012-01-05 10:35 patoh10
2012-01-05 19:42 watwani
Had this on android. Runs better on WP7.
2012-01-06 05:19 aqualls13
2012-01-06 19:06 Player839271748
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