• Travel info & tools while you’re on the go. FLIGHTS • Check flight status on any airline • Check TSA security wait times • Check FAA airport delays • See in-path flight tracking • See all flight schedules to find the next flight out HOTELS • Find hotels near you or by city • Sort by price, distance or traveler reviews • View hotels on an interactive pinpoint map • Review description, photos, amenities, local dining and attractions, transportation options, and traveler reviews • Check standard room rate & current price • Book directly online
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  • 2010-10-20 00:00
  • 2010-11-22 01:36
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Practically useless at planning flights. It only looks up flight schedules for the next day.
2010-11-06 21:33 rL8m
Too slow at times. Nice GUI though
2010-11-06 02:37 GonGonMK
2010-10-26 23:09 ZMAN427
Like the hotel photo views, and you can track the position of flight en route
2010-10-26 02:33 tcowan
Why can't you book a flight with this app? Seems like an obvious feature to include.
2010-10-23 02:51 eMudge
Really cool how you can look at pictures from various hotels. The performance of the app is questionable - there are frequently long pauses, and in one instance it dropped me back to the start screen. Overall a decent app.
2010-10-21 23:08 MrSmartyP
Great app so far. Like the flight tracker.
2010-11-09 16:06 miketrash
This a great app, but I'll second eMudge's review and ask why looking up tickets & hotel reservations are not included?
2010-11-11 06:57 The Osiris
Can't book flights!
2010-11-12 17:26 Enrique23
Great reference tool when u r on the go. Could have more features / functionality, as others have stated.
2010-11-13 13:00 aN0th3r id10t
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