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  • Trip Hub provides on-the-go access on your phone to all your future trips available on your account on It provide an itinerary view of each trip as well as offline access of your trips on your phone. The application also lets you to signup for an account on After signing up and validating your email address you can simply forward your trip confirmation emails to [email protected] which will automatically add your trip details which in turn will synchronize with Trip Hub. Note that you need TripIt Pro accounts for gate details and flight delays. However, the app connects to flightstats website to help you check your flight status via the browser if you don't have TripIt Pro account. v2.2 Add animations to the UI to provide visual feedback while making selections. Includes a new Pivot Item which displays all the relevant trip items for the current day for quicker access. v2.0 UI refresh. New UI based on Pivot and added support for past trip and the ability to share trips via email. PLEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK TO [email protected]
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  • 2011-04-14 01:45
  • 2012-05-03 11:18
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2012-07-22 15:01 AnnaBanana12
Wonderful app, live tile please
2012-06-04 23:56 Twinklng Star
Good app. Now add the live tiles and pinning features to make it a great app!
2012-04-29 21:27 Shank86US
Splendid app! WAYY better than the official TripIt app.
2012-05-04 04:16 FrothiestKManS3
Best TripIt available. It is better than the paid apps. It is the only one I found that shows past trips.
2012-01-06 04:50 Koripalli
How is this better than the mobile site? Very difficult to log in...
2012-01-17 16:46 islandius
Would love the ability to pin trips and live tile support, but otherwise this is an easy, powerful, and snappy TripIt application!
2011-10-04 22:45 Lifespan
Can't login
2011-09-29 15:18 bongiozzo
2011-09-18 21:31 Player220193680
Works really well. I just wish all trips can be seen from the landing page vs having to go to the upcoming trips section.
2011-09-07 18:17 Sandhuja
Great app for users. Excellent for the price.
2011-08-10 09:30 TippSean
2011-07-24 01:52 stangrove83
New interface is nice but seems that new version is quit slow. I still recommend it though.
2011-05-12 19:50 KoudiZ
I like this app! Suggest using Pivot UI instead of Panoramic, and move setting into application bar. It will be easier to refresh, when everything on one page. Update: App developer provides frequent updates, addressed the feedback from review comments and over email. Keep up the good work, and thanks for creating a great app for all of us!
2011-05-13 14:33 Lucky
App doesn't rotate with the screen. Makes it useless 90% of the time I'd want to use it.
2011-05-27 23:15 glassuser
2011-05-28 17:33 mrmorrisine
2011-05-29 00:54 stangrove83
Meets my need for accessing TripIt. Some additional travel information features would complete it.
2011-06-05 05:01 lmoritz
Can't complain for the price!
2011-06-05 06:18 Odog4ever
2011-06-11 05:53 eMouss
For a free app this good
2011-06-12 19:08 BrookesyUSA
So far this app has worked as promised. Has some work to go before its the top of its class. Please add the feature to add new trips within a trip.
2011-06-13 20:36 GhostSilentshot
Works great!
2011-06-16 17:27 Brian Makris
Almost perfect. Leaves out some details in events; fixing that would make it 5 stars
2011-06-21 18:32 repoocttam
2011-06-26 15:30 Marshal AS
Awesome. This app does the full work of a paid app, and does it very well, for free. Recommended for anyone with a tripit account.
2011-06-29 02:30 ankonisdead
Slightly better than Trip Link (this apps old name), but still not good. might be free but you get what you pay for :)
2011-04-26 17:03 TimJoltey
I like this app! Suggest using Pivot UI instead of Panoramic, and move setting into application bar. It will be easier to refresh, when everything on one page.
2011-04-27 15:23 Lucky
Quite good but the interface could be "prettier".
2011-04-16 16:44 KoudiZ
Works fine as a travel calendar and imports properly. It isn't useful during travel though because no gates are posted or flight delays/changes.
2011-04-18 17:44 KLF84
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