Armored Drive

  • The latest in spy car technology is called Armored Drive. It is the platform which all new spy cars will be built. However the new platform is not complete, and it is up to you the “spy car test driver” to ensure the the Armored Drive platform is the best it can be. You will use the Armored Drive in real life situations during live traffic across the the land. You will be faced with different scenarios which you need overcome using your skill and upgradable spy technology. The garage is available to upgrade the Armored Drive, but it will take money to do it. Thankfully we are funded more as we test the Armored Drive, as well as an unlimited access to Armored Drive replacements. This is not your Spy Car from before, we don’t care about civilians, in fact we get paid more to test the new platform on these civilian vehicles. So go out there and test the hell out of the Armored Drive 1.8 Update: Nukes! nuff said. 1.7 Update: Updated the App to Mango 1.6 Update: - Buenos Aires and London added as levels - All levels have been tweaked for length - Level Progress indicator added 1.5 Update: - Added new weapon the side gun - Added Dubai Level - Updated and more epic music! - Money balancing 1.4 Update: - Added Chicago, Manila, Mumbai, and Beijing as playable cities - Added E.M.P upgrade. Now destroy cars and cops with this new weapon - Added the Gun Ship Event. Dodge missiles fired from this new threat! 1.3 Update: - Test the Armored Drive in different environments. Select from 7 distinct locations around the globe. - The Gold Paint job has been added to further pimp out your Armored Drive - The people running the tests on Armored Drive have further incentiviced driving by adding money pick ups on the road
  • Action & adventure
  • 552
  • Elbert Perez
  • 2011-05-22 01:49
  • 2012-04-26 21:11
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Awesome app though I h8 the car horn
2011-07-12 05:34 adhillon3
2011-07-12 05:04 MustacheEmperor
Awesome. :D
2011-07-12 01:12 AaronObvs
Need armor health
2011-07-11 20:18 syco sunshine
2011-07-11 12:30 Player822180945
Tons of fun
2011-07-11 10:00 Player737493700
2011-07-11 05:35 Player668353475
Simple game to keep you pleasantly occupied long enough to have fun but short enough to bring you back for more. Well done, terrific free game.
2011-07-11 03:50 ksabatka
2011-07-10 21:39 jigsaw cloak
2011-07-10 07:29 HUNTER II7
Good time killer
2011-07-10 03:58 grizzCF
I spent a lot of money in a hornet that does nothing.. Needs something to show how many armors left.. Downgraded to 3 stars
2011-07-09 23:59 MICROCHOTA
Great game, EMP really useless peace of ***. Buttons needs update jumps are just to often engaged.
2011-07-09 20:52 Player352292260
I took a whole star off for how much I think the car horn is retarded but other than that the game is great. The levels are not hard to beat if you have the weapons. There should be a free run option so I can beat my high score without worrying about the level running out.
2011-07-09 20:24 VividBlk
Log it
2011-07-09 18:08 gamer4058
2011-07-09 18:00 pistaa
Great game, good job Perez.
2011-07-09 16:43 raysxbox
This is the best game on wp7 I would pay for this game each update it gets better. I have some ideas for your next game u make if you want some good idea email me at
2011-07-09 15:38 sSMuRFSs
Very exciting!!
2011-07-09 14:15 htsign wp7
Awesome Game Really Fun!!!
2011-07-09 13:44 KURoBAri
Nice fun game but the levels are toooooooo long, I haven't beaten one yet and have like 230000 dollars in the game, the levels are very long and u need to be a pro to beat em.
2011-07-09 02:51 Ray Starrz
After a recent update the game is less responsive. Please fix.
2011-07-09 01:26 Player699731882
Great Game...Great Developer
Elbert Perez makes some of the best free games on WP7. Always quality. This game started as 3.5-4 star game, but through frequent updates and upgrades it has surpassed 5 stars would go higher if I could.
2011-07-09 00:57 Player810388250
Fun gameplay with new stuff all the time
2011-07-09 00:48 Player178548126
It's very fun and very addicting.
2011-07-08 23:48 Isodomon
Fun game. My main complaint is the controls -- often when pressing a button, the jump is actuated when a weapon is desired. Button hotspots should be enlarged.
2011-07-08 20:56 ennuji
This game is awesome. Responsive...great graphics...frequent updates. Its perfect. Much more than I expected from a free game.
2011-07-08 19:35 ACEINDAHOLE4YA
Quite fun! Although when you get mostbupgrades it gets repetitive. Still - worth to get.
2011-07-08 13:47 TeleostComb
Great game! great challenge and steady flow of updates with new features. I love it PS: get rid of the horn. Its stupid.
2011-07-08 07:38 BorutB
Addictive and gets updates with new content all the time.
2011-07-08 07:37 kolevstefan
2011-07-08 06:21 QWERTYuX
played it all the way through
2011-07-07 15:32 CeReaL n MiLK
Pretty lame. =[
2011-07-07 00:36 Player192215134
Fun,fun,fun lets race
2011-07-14 16:42 Player524079997
Ita analrite game not to shabby I get bored with it fast though
2011-07-14 15:59 lgz d jor
2011-07-14 13:01 IISIRGEOII
2011-07-14 12:46 Player939619469
2011-07-14 12:34 Player242586899
2011-07-14 05:26 Novotus
2011-07-14 05:10 Chuckstheclown
2011-07-14 04:16 joehan525
You did a very good job. A real challenging game.
2011-07-14 00:12 BIGG GRIPP 1
2011-07-13 22:07 Player511111004
This game is not download!
2011-07-13 21:59 Sithvol
2011-07-13 16:25 Rahel Kareem
Best one, really you can enjoy a lot,expecting more levels and more upgrades
2011-07-13 10:14 venkatcv
My 4 & 7 yr old love playing this game, especially while I am at the gym.
2011-07-13 05:08 Player508233129
2011-07-13 01:59 Player414563358
2011-07-13 01:53 Player699731882
Great concept and good graphics but controls are too sluggish to make playing any fun.
2011-07-12 22:31 mentlbiker
Awesome,addictive, and fun!!
2011-07-12 16:25 ChipMonk2010
Fun, addictive game in the spirit of Spy Hunter. Challenging gameplay, great graphics, cool explosions!! Get it now!
2011-07-12 06:43 C4S70R
Awesome game get it now just make things leesssssss expensive
2011-07-06 18:41 XxBEASTxXbAb00n
2011-07-06 18:15 Player957975787
Awesome game for free!!!
2011-07-06 13:33 AsIDsHa
Very fun! Great game!
2011-07-06 13:28 UncleRoald
First game I cared to review. Its a lot of fun and worth playing over time as you have persistent upgrades.
2011-07-05 21:51 DeathFromAce
2011-07-05 18:54 ilverdesca
Good game
2011-07-05 17:44 Nemelis27
2011-07-05 16:34 Dreamss Highzz
Fun game, gets frustrating as you beat the levels until your well upgraded. But fun wish it had better graphics. P.s. The horn is dumb
2011-07-05 15:44 GRich002
Fun, simple and free. Upgrades/different tracks keep it new and interesting. Ks look alot like Hs though and a non tilt setting would be nice.
2011-07-16 22:28 The After Sheep
Spy hunter on wp7! Great job!
2011-07-16 18:55 LordSkareKro
2011-07-16 08:25 YummyDistress70
2011-07-16 03:01 Kisheeshy
This is the best free game out ther its even beter than some five dollar games
2011-07-15 22:45 JOSE LUIS751998
2011-07-15 04:04 banana8744
Can't see full paint job on vehicle
2011-07-15 00:34 syco sunshine
Cool game. Lots of fun!!!
2011-07-14 23:23 nigeldude70
Free game that's fun. After you get some upgrades.
2011-07-14 21:01 BrayG
2011-07-05 11:36 glunt58
2011-07-05 09:55 BeneczekUS
Good game :D.
2011-07-04 05:39 LuckyH1234
Need touch controls and perhaps a landscape view option to make it a great game with 5 star rating.
2011-07-04 02:46 Pulakification
2011-07-04 02:10 Tiggster79
Great game, like the upgrades and the price. Cool sound FX.
2011-07-03 17:49 LonghornCraig
2011-07-03 07:04 ShoulderKnight
Awesome game but goes through upgrades too fast needs more
2011-07-03 01:30 Player751721523
Great game to pass the time on! Its very addicting game that is cool because its free! It just needs more upgrades and levels/scenery. They need to put a Houston level on this game, cause seriously whats up with a Seattle level? Its such a depressing city with the most suicide rates of any major city and even its sport teams are moving away...
2011-07-02 06:48 Player904385092
Would of been 5 stars if it didn't have the retarded horn upgrade, that by itself *** me off.
2011-07-19 05:01 ArsenicPuddle
Awesome game. Paints r over priced though. P.s. To the people playing this for the first time, skip the horn upgrade
2011-07-19 03:35 Swiftwind777
This is a great and very addictive little game!!!*
2011-07-19 02:08 Player822382691
2011-07-19 00:32 DogfishHeadIPA
Love this game because my brother loves to play this game and can earn money and then buy shotgun, machineguns, and buy other cars that has different styles!!!!!OH WOWWWWWWWW REALLY really really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-07-18 07:46 bangphat
Love it, but it needs improvements on the tilting to slow to respond.
2011-07-18 04:13 Jdtito
Need something to tell you how many armors(lifes) left.. You also have to make the buttons (for the weapons) bigger.
2011-07-18 03:52 MICROCHOTA
Best Game on WP7. Your best free time companion
Great. Reminds me of road fighter. Can't believe its free. Keep it up. BTW pls give slow down button later in game Update: Elbert Perez is an awesome developer. This game just rocks. Everytime I get few mins free I always start this from other 100 games on my phone. Thanks to this game I have now all the apps from Elbert. This game deserves 6 out of 5 :)
2011-07-17 07:57 sCythE roXx
levels are to long, shorten the levels please. Because it's fun but its to hard to beat.
2011-07-17 06:11 Ray Starrz
Good game dude keep it up
2011-07-21 09:57 ramonhawk
2011-07-21 02:35 Player926996785
2011-07-20 21:32 cam052798
Once I got the fire oil thing I wasn't able to steer... If I had an explanation I would rate higher
2011-07-20 19:23 DiabeticD3mon
fav game
2011-07-19 20:40 Player809817670
The best free game on wp7 so far!
2011-07-19 16:26 YuanFuChao
One of the best free games I downloaded so far.
2011-07-19 12:52 GuoWu
2011-07-01 21:46 BoxyQuill94
2011-07-01 19:29 uberXboxGeek
IRAN: baziye ghashangiye Marahelesh update mishe va jazabiyat dare 09353486045
2011-07-01 16:12 Pedram Amiri
Was motivating to unlock upgrades.
2011-07-23 20:58 Sordid ScaraB
2011-07-23 18:25 HAHAwish
Armored Drive - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 552 ratings and 552 reviews.