Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD

  • The benchmark of action-adventure games on next-gen consoles for your smartphone! Jerusalem, 1191 AD. The Third Crusade between the Crusaders and Saracens is tearing the Holy Land apart. You are Altaïr, a Master Assassin sent by the Order of the Assassins on a quest to steal the Chalice from the Templars in order to end the Crusades. The fate of the Holy Land depends on you... Plunge into this direct prequel to the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed™, offering rich gameplay and a well balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action, and puzzle-solving exploration in the midst of the fully 3D-rendered, historical Middle Eastern environments of the Crusades. - Incredible variety of acrobatic moves for a very rewarding gaming experience. - 6 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks: swords, daggers, grappling hooks, and bombs. - Skill-based mini-games put your patience & dexterity to the test: perform pickpocket maneuvers and make informants talk. - Unique dramatic tension, intensified by 3D cinematic cut scenes and character voices. - Collect orbs to upgrade health and weapons. - Highly polished 3D graphics providing full immersion into a true-to-life Medieval Middle East environment.
  • Action & adventure
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  • Gameloft
  • 2010-11-04 19:48
  • 2012-05-01 14:05
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Crashes even after a reboot so I used up all my trials without even trying the game :'(
2010-11-17 14:47 bySeon
A truly Xbox 360 quality game..
2010-11-17 06:48 Sandrobber
2010-11-17 06:35 PittaMan
The graphics for mobile are good but the controls are terrible
2010-11-18 03:10 katsujinken12
Excellent game. Controls work really well.
2010-11-18 02:52 NAK10101
Tight lets hope future Xbox games are as good ir better than this one. Well worth the $$
2010-11-18 02:09 a3NOOTS
Could be fun. Wasn't too impressed with the gameplay and graphics. The camera angle is weird. Didn't seem worth $6.99
2010-11-18 01:20 sarc489
This is a fabulous game, it kept the quality of the pc game. Great graphics, very easy to make the skills
2010-11-17 23:52 helderribeiro
Great game just takes some getting used to on the controls
2010-11-17 22:31 TylerHen
Awkward controls make it hard to play. Probably would be more fun to play if it was a simple 2d platformer.
2010-11-17 18:19 CrazyLlama
WOW. The quality of this game is outstanding. Graphics are superb. Combat is very nice and easy to pick up. Pickpocket mini-game is fun. Loading/Resuming times are good. +1 that I can skip intro/loading cinematics and in game dialogs. My only complaint is that movement could be enhanced a little bit. Movement controls are good but sometimes is difficult to switch from walk/run movement. Definitely recommended.
2010-11-17 16:42 AurelioGarcia
2010-11-17 16:08 jackburton85
Seems identical to the iPhone version. Very pretty graphics. Controls take some getting used to though.
2010-11-17 16:02 Stoneysilence77
Great game and great experience!
2010-11-17 15:49 gamerrodrigue
*Update* I reinstalled the game and it runs perfectly. Wow pretty great and I got the hang of the controls too! ------ Crashes even after a reboot so I used up all my trials without even trying the game :'(
2010-11-18 17:47 bySeon
Well made game. Control can be improved.
2010-11-18 07:31 tsyoo
Great game great graphics great everything
2010-11-18 07:09 MICO XD
Smooth UI, but control is hard.
2010-11-18 05:10 KleinHu2010
Fantastic game! I hope to see many more of this calibur. To skip the beginning video, hit the back button...
2010-11-19 05:57 The Shawninat0r
Awesomeness! Welcome to WP7 Altair!
2010-11-19 04:57 wayneJK
This is a must have. Controls r a little wacky but u can adjust . Graphics r unbelievable for a phone game .
2010-11-19 02:44 Jedi BradKenobi
Great game.
2010-11-18 23:15 Player549311340
Decent game, but I can't stand the 40 second video that plays on start up. Lame.
2010-11-18 23:09 Peterson
Great game controls can be funky sometimes though
2010-11-18 21:24 Jus 2 Satanic
2010-11-19 15:41 enders4you
2010-11-19 13:49 Darth Vader777
2010-11-19 08:54 cmcallen
Best graphics I've seen for a phone game. Controls are a little touchy on hd7
2010-11-20 07:27 Zorak 42
It is a great game to play in device. A little like a RPG game. Great graphic. Great UI. Just a little bit control issue, but that is due adjustment to be made on touch screen. This is a good game can't be missed.
2010-11-20 05:44 JoshTs
Pretty cool game but the controller is a bit too sensitive.
2010-11-20 02:29 Moo5hi
Very hard to control, but fun when your not stuck from the controls
2010-11-20 00:23 Quethrosar
2010-11-19 23:12 Player185449
Awesome game. Controls kinda difficult sometimes. 8 way d-pad helps though. Hope for more games like this on my sweet new phone. Xbox rox
2010-11-21 01:42 BoneDeezy420
Best graphics I've seen for a phone game. Controls are a little touchy on hd7.
2010-11-20 22:04 Zorak 42
Ben having a blast playing this.
2010-11-20 21:48 Elmer
Awful. Things shouldn't port over to the phone. I had to stop when retracting spikes started popping in and out of the ground. And oh yeah, slippery controls. Stealth gameplay is nonexistent.
2010-11-20 21:07 Geusprime
The game is ok, but the controls are so bad... :'(
2010-11-21 14:21 zFerus
Not too shabby
COntrols can take some getting use to. Other than that, awesome game for the phone!
2010-11-21 12:46 GN0STIC
2010-11-21 04:36 TracyLa
Wow could the controls suck any worse. Good past that.
2010-11-21 03:48 L337FOOL
Awesome adaptation.
2010-11-21 03:14 IzzmoX
Hard to control, but it is still impressive !
2010-11-22 04:16 SebastianChi
2010-11-22 03:46 HotCHiLiPEPPERS
Like it.
2010-11-22 03:02 tastefulsilence
2010-11-21 22:09 Mrs Imploder
2010-11-21 20:03 swisspoop
This is an excellent action-jumper game. It would indeed be easier to control if I had a gamepad but since most WP7 phones are touch only we all need to get used to touch only interfaces and this game plays reasonably well as touch only.
2010-11-23 02:52 TimmiBui
Crashes a lot, but runs better than the same game did on my eco, and with more effects
2010-11-23 02:09 vashht
The control to move the people is not smooth.
2010-11-23 01:39 Player570927704
Touchy controls, but once you get used to them, the game is quite good for a mobile game.
2010-11-22 23:04 UnnDunn
Have only played the demo so far but I thought it was awesome. I've had no problems with controls so far, not sure what everyone else is complaining about.
2010-11-24 01:43 Funky x Gator
Great game!
2010-11-24 01:27 Player815721085
Game won't load past opening video Samsung focus
2010-11-23 21:47 ahhmyleggg
I have now rated this app without having it ;-)
2010-11-23 18:46 savas20000
This game is incredibly complex and should be alot of fun, but it reallly does not work on a phone. Maybe a much more simplified version would work instead of shooting for Xbox quality. the grafics, use of 3D, and story are amazing though.
2010-11-23 18:27 The After Sheep
2010-11-23 16:04 Xavier Mc
Great game graphics.
2010-11-24 15:09 Alfaify
It's okay.. Not the best game
2010-11-24 10:49 TTS D NuKeM CO
2010-11-25 02:32 Player881043831
I really like this game, it has kept me up way too many hours!
2010-11-24 22:07 JohanLindfors
2010-11-25 10:15 Heretic Furby
Great graphics. I wish I could skip the opening movie though. Have to waste time to go throught it every time I open it.
2010-11-26 15:41 DrillRaider
2010-11-27 01:11 mattclaussen
Controls r not bad if u r complaining about touch controls a touch phone is not for u
2010-11-27 20:41 musclecuda
Geat game, took a few min to learn the controls... But after that learning curve, its a solid game on the WP7
2010-11-27 18:49 SEMx34
Fun game. Pretty true to its console counterpart. I compared this one side by side with the iPhone one and the graphics in this one are way better. Smoother edges and faster response time. Great game.
2010-11-27 18:40 Signo371
Great game takes a bit to get use to the controls but great port
2010-11-27 14:57 II Primal II
Controls are difficult on a screen, but game play us good.
2010-11-28 15:52 OnyeOji
Great gameplay and graphics.
2010-11-28 06:42 PVH82
The best game on windows phone.
2010-11-28 03:18 mobility2day
Why the he## is this ported game $7 on WP and only $1 on the iPhone? Gameloft must be kidding me.
2010-11-29 06:01 up2daCRIME
2010-11-29 03:35 TurbidChule
The graphics are great, but the gameplay is boring, the story sequences are contrived, and the voice acting is an earsore. The controls take some getting used to, but are serviceable.
2010-11-28 18:25 GKnuttz
Fun! Easier to understand than the console version and super responsive. I like. Can't wait for brotherhood!
2010-11-28 17:30 lady samantha
I was wrong to buy this game. So boring and difficult to control
2010-11-29 15:39 BEoDaiGia
Bad controls
2010-11-29 15:07 Corrosive5cott
2010-11-30 03:43 DMZilla
2010-12-01 06:16 HenRoid7
Great game! I love it, just the camera work needs to be changed to better views.
2010-12-01 00:30 SnipedaHeadshot
Graphics are great, and game play is good. Only wish controls were better...too sensitive.
2010-11-30 23:29 BroodOverlord
I really wish developers would have both a touch and keyboard control scheme. I bought the quantum for a reason
2010-12-02 01:28 TUCKERDWZ2025
Loading time is too long. Uninstalled during trial.
2010-12-02 01:23 sseely
Takes too long to load :/
2010-12-02 00:37 TheGeek
Cam & controls suck.
2010-12-01 14:28 SourDny
Being a big fan of Assassin's Creed, I was very disappointed. The controls are bad, and the camera needs work. Not to mention the voice acting is horrible. I didn't know it could get much worse than AC: Bloodlines for the PSP.
2010-12-03 06:24 TatteredRagDoll
2010-12-03 05:32 wolvie75 VwR
Kinda boring most cheaper games are better regret the buy
2010-12-02 22:24 Mrs Imploder
Im a big fan of assassins creed so i had to get this game. Its fun but its the same exact game i had on my ipod but at least these have acheivements
2010-12-02 21:58 jspiderdevil04
2010-12-04 05:12 Mevets
Not meant to be played on a phone
2010-12-04 02:34 TRIP G18
Best game ever
2010-12-03 21:36 Bxmarcos23
Decent but trial version wasnt able to convince me to buy this game
2010-12-05 00:04 m1stuhlayzee
Takes too long to load and when you die the game has to reload. Not worth the time spent waiting. Not even for a free trial
2010-12-04 22:12 Player758744296
2010-12-05 05:19 jrod39
2010-12-07 03:11 pulseMOD
2010-12-06 16:29 RichardLPalmer
2010-12-07 19:26 GrouchyGlobe
Fun game. Sensitive controls makes it more interesting and challenging.
2010-12-07 19:07 Doogie90
I dont know how anyone could complain about this game. The grapics are top knotch and I am no hardcore gamer and it was easy enough to pick up and play!
2010-12-08 17:23 mamacita42
This is a great adaptation of the series. Camera is tricky to make difficult jumps later in the game. I love this game.
2010-12-08 14:59 UNDEAD HEXBLADE
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD - Average rating : 7 - Max : 10 - Based on 718 ratings and 718 reviews.