Boss Launch 2

  • * NOW WITH 70 TOTAL LEVELS AND 5 EPISODES * It's the zombie apocalypse, and your only ammunition against the walking dead is an office chair and your fat, lazy boss. Launch your obnoxious leader at waves of oncoming flesh eaters in this fun physics game. Three episodes containing 70 total levels take you through office, city, country, island and ocean environments. Launch your boss onto vehicles to crush your enemies, and use grenade power-ups for that extra touch of destruction.
  • Action & adventure
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  • Spritehand LLC
  • 2011-02-18 02:23
  • 2012-01-17 00:33
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Awesome game would like to see more levels =D
2011-02-20 00:32 John Night
Good stuff. I got an old boss or two I would like to launch @ some zombies
2011-02-19 23:11 BarryChon
Framerate is so choppy its hard to play.
2011-02-19 19:22 Zorak 42
One of the best games I've played on the windows phone since it came out. There could be more levels but its a lot of fun and worth downloading.
2011-02-19 18:21 irish24broncos
Goof fun. Pinch and zoom on play area should be worked out. Otherwise pretty fun.
2011-02-19 16:30 nkgoli1
Good fun! A bunch of levels!
2011-02-18 23:31 ScottHubLabs
Nothing special. On a second thought it's very stupid.
2011-02-18 21:03 ImperialDynamic
Was laggy, then suddenly became responsive. Finished it. Couple of hours of silly fun
2011-02-18 15:22 jagting
Great fun
2011-02-18 14:18 SkeithMK
This Game Is Fun And Addictive! I Recommend This For Anyone Who Has Ever Played Angry Birds :)
2011-02-18 14:07 YourNotKellz
Great game, fun time on the train, and appreciate how many levels there are
2011-02-18 13:26 CodeCube
2011-02-18 12:01 KEN765
2011-02-18 09:11 NadiaE
This could be a great game.... Its just too laggy..... I'd give it a five if it gets updated
2011-02-18 07:05 morbid squid
Okay .....
2011-02-18 06:36 Player119235227
2011-02-18 06:00 chris2020p
2011-02-22 02:30 AndreTX
One of the best games I've played on the windows phone There could be more levels but its a lot of fun and worth downloading.
2011-02-21 23:31 irish24broncos
2011-02-21 23:02 CoolBreeze804
2011-02-21 16:49 drewdoggpimp
Very fun and a decent challenge
2011-02-20 20:27 SEALZMATRIX1
Can't wait for angry birds then this is the game for you. same game play, similar sounds, and even some of the same graphics. very amusing. if only you could customize the fat guy to actually look like your boss.
2011-02-20 17:50 x8v3n0m8x
Very much fun :P
2011-02-20 17:16 sushovan
2011-02-20 15:22 andrebrothersjr
Not very fun.
2011-02-20 07:03 EpicEddie1991
2011-02-20 05:47 LoneWolfMobius0
Highly unpolished.
2011-02-23 17:43 TeleostComb
nice games although some levels feel
2011-02-23 07:07 Player734527665
Very fun and addictive game, well done. Just needs a fix for level7 in office. For each update i will add a star.
2011-02-22 22:38 l3inava
Really good fun, but could benefit from a better framerate. Still highly recommended though :)
2011-02-22 22:27 dloaderus
2011-02-22 19:10 TMG N0FEAR
2011-02-22 10:30 victorj589
2011-02-22 06:15 IllicitMars
2011-02-25 14:52 With Mashunik
Nice, please more levels
2011-02-25 09:36 Francisco Viana
Just lame
2011-02-25 07:13 AbsorbedColt
2011-02-25 05:44 SwedsTbone
2011-02-24 17:19 VexingTheDon
Sufficiently amusing for me to play through the whole game. Did get choppy after playing a while & sim is slow after launching your boss.
2011-02-24 03:08 theRecondite
Cute graphics but the gameplay needs work. Aiming is no more than a guess, animation choppy on a Samsung focus, and losing your projectile when it goes off screen on ballistic shots is poor design. Not one of the better catapult-style games, but it has potential. Hopefully the next version will be better.
2011-02-27 14:16 Player237582195
2011-02-27 07:17 rouik
2011-02-26 21:05 Player370540986
Amazingly fun and hilarious!!!
2011-02-26 07:44 Batan101
Definitely a great game. I've only had limited interaction with angry birds, but this game seems to have its own strengths that help it stand out (the truck! It's more entertaining than it really should be lol.)
2011-02-26 03:22 Titan427
Fun game. Great time filler
2011-03-01 23:46 reheat
Game is funny good time killer I would like to see an update instead of a fat Boss how about a fat Congressman launch
2011-03-01 17:11 klove316
2011-02-28 21:50 djinator
2011-02-28 17:01 cooldudeZx
2011-02-28 05:39 HaTeBrEed073
So much fun umi beat all levels in 2 days despite the very laggy performance
2011-02-28 05:29 athix6
Super gin
2011-03-03 22:26 ilovemy486
2011-03-03 21:59 Ruzveltas
Control and animation very rough, otherwise great game.
2011-03-03 21:48 EpicSlothz
Pretty interesting!! I love this game more than angry bird XD
2011-03-03 10:27 AyaAronel
2011-03-03 06:36 devilzsrip
Fun game! Thanks move the meter to the top and it would be perfect!
2011-03-03 04:20 Player611591605
Stupid and boring
2011-03-02 15:48 shawdieebad
2011-03-02 11:28 Player731300221
Great game. Please add more levels :-)
2011-03-05 22:25 Player370540986
2011-03-05 20:44 ecalma881
Such a fun game so addicted
2011-03-05 19:34 nickenzo
Kinda the same idea as the iPhone's famous, 'Angry Birds' It's a lot of fun. Just beat the whole game.
2011-03-04 22:12 Player638840773
I am so addicted to this game
2011-03-04 17:10 Player672967159
2011-03-04 09:48 Player986632735
2011-03-04 08:50 WA89TAG
Easy in alot of ways, you only get one "boss"to use for each level but this game still is fun and funny! Kinda laggs a little but for a free game DOWNLOAD!
2011-03-08 02:55 ipootwo
2011-03-08 01:13 Ruzveltas
2011-03-07 21:12 nickenzo
Hate your boss?!? This is your chance!!!
2011-03-07 04:20 Gnar Kill 200
Very fun game relating to iPhones angry birds.
2011-03-06 19:32 Lexasaurawr
2011-03-10 07:14 Raidies
So...funny! :D , I like it.
2011-03-10 05:05 PouMason629
2011-03-08 22:14 BADBENNIEBROWN
OMG!!! So funny! I love it! Best free game ever!!!
2011-03-08 18:49 Player590912194
2011-03-12 14:46 Cloud Power
Very nice
2011-03-11 17:47 AytugN
Needs more levels but very addictive
2011-03-11 13:04 immunity227
Great fun & free;! Also very addictive
2011-03-11 04:35 Player657810559
Love the game! Needs more levels!
2011-03-10 19:56 Player434158228
Fantastic game! I want more levels! If you download you will lose alot of free/work time you've been warned!
2011-03-10 14:17 Evmino
Ninjawarri0r222 Horrible game, graphics suck and is a rip off of angry birds.>:(
2011-03-14 18:15 ninjawarrior222
Not a very fun game.
2011-03-14 14:44 marine1995
2011-03-14 06:02 Player386126866
Very addicting game. Its like angry birds except with people and zombies.
2011-03-13 10:53 Player200642533
Sluggish performance, worth 4 if fixed.
2011-03-13 09:52 kitkit y
Pretty cool game, sort of a rip off from iPhones angry birds still a pretty fun game. Just beeds more levels i beat ir the day i got it, can be pretty addictive also
2011-03-13 07:00 Player158047320
2011-03-13 03:33 strifeman6
2011-03-12 23:18 Player657810559
Fun game
2011-03-12 19:29 Player165144571
Love this game! Very fun and a great way to waste time! :D
2011-03-17 02:19 Player209801884
Very similar to "Angry Birds". The physics of this game can sometimes have your boss land in some pretty interesting positions. Can't wait for updated levels or possibly a Boss Launch 3???
2011-03-17 02:07 Player990963788
2011-03-17 01:18 ipootwo
Awesome! Good feel, good physics, strangely addictive
2011-03-16 04:24 MrSeraphim
2011-03-15 18:54 RwRichyRaw30
Lame...just get angry birds
2011-03-15 14:57 tvjnd
2011-03-19 09:59 jalilos
2011-03-18 13:00 carbajan
City LV 9 why so hrd haven't passes yet!
2011-03-18 11:41 Daj187
Fun game wanted more levels.
2011-03-18 00:51 oldskoolsc
This game is pretty awesome for it being free... Finished it in less than a day. Wish it had way more levels
2011-03-17 16:25 Chocolatier87
Boss Launch 2 - Average rating : 7 - Max : 10 - Based on 232 ratings and 232 reviews.